Integrated supply YH-BF alarm

Integrated supply YH-BF alarm

Product description:

Supply YH-BF Integrated alarms

Hot integration special alarm alarm sound and light alarm, Inner Mongolia coal mine pit alarm latest price alarm

YH-BF integrated alarm, outdoor work is heavily used, start small, fast, easy to not be field personnel in the security incident. I plant the integration of sound and light alarm, is for landline work characteristics and structural characteristics and the development of alarm, with many professional

YH-BF integrated alarm system advantages:

Clear lights; Alarm alarm can be timely and effective warning field Dodge; Depart;

Light shield; Firm structure; Durable;

Internal circuit after perfusion technology and waterproof technology, make it suitable for outdoor environment;

220V transparent; Warning lights; Alarm installation; Very easy to install and use;

Shades of police as a highly transparent materials, light bulbs to high brightness tungsten halogen bulb, even if the ambient brightness is also very obvious. Another super bright LED lights available;

Alarm 10W, lights with large, small, strobe, rotation, and other specifications are available.

Note: operating voltage AC220V, AC380V, AC110V, DC24V, DC12V to choose from, please note that when ordering, if there is no label factory default for AC220V.

Integrated alarm main technical parameters

Product name YH-BF integrated alarms

Voltage AC220V 50HZ

Alarm tone siren strobe type 100mm LED strobe

Body material cast aluminum, spray

Protection class IP65

Overall dimensions 190*135*350

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