Mine intrinsically safe Station

Mine intrinsically safe Station

Product description:

Mine intrinsically safe Station

Shelf console Mine latest offer intrinsically safe console console console manufacturers ex-factory price in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia Station

First, the console uses

TH24 mine intrinsically safe Station (hereinafter referred to as the console) Is the use of a variety of displays and indicators can be displayed in real-time operational status and fault status, alarm information, parameter settings and the motor current tape speed digital display, emergency stop, deviation of the position of the smart display performance, reliable, easy to maintain, easy to learn user.

Second, the console basic parameters:

Station Explosion-proof type: Intrinsic safety

. a rated voltage U: DC24V and DC12V;

. b Rated current I: 0.5A and 1A

. c L: 0.1mH;

. d C: 0.1μF;

. e device context: KXJ10 / 127 (660) Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe programmable control box; the maximum length of the connecting cable is 200 meters; the distributed capacitance C (0.1μF / km, distributed inductance L / 1m H / km;

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