Mining lamp

Mining lamp

Product description:

model: HLG475
category: HL475-200RT-GL
light source: Ring 80-200W
size: Φ538*460
Protection class: IP54
weight: 7KG
Packing Size : 553*553*485
Materials: Casting aluminum electrical box with high-purity aluminum reflector and tempered glass

Applications: Industrial plants; warehouses; gymnasium; hypermarkets; supermarkets and other indoor environments

1. High pressure die casting aluminum round electrical box, the appearance of electrostatic spray, the overall appearance.

2. The high-purity aluminum oxide polishing reflector, high reflectivity, and stable optical performance .

3. Tempered glass, high light transmittance .

4. The bottom of the shade hoop fixed, built-in high temperature seals .

5. The company is equipped with lamp tube, high luminous efficiency, long life, good color, light and stable, flicker-free, wide energy saving, color temperature range, light, soft, light output stable.