BGA Rework Station Automatic Split vision KID-R600

BGA Rework Station Automatic Split vision KID-R600

Product description:

1 Product profile

KIDR600 is a rework station with optical alignment system, optical lens and upper head controlled by motor, and with the integration of soldering and desoldering; applicable to BGAs of all forms of encapsulation.

2 Features

Hot air head and mounting head integration design; step motor drive; with auto soldering and desoldering functions

New style hot air and IR mixed 2 in 1 for upper head heating; temperature rises fast, which leads to the big temperature difference between BGA and others around with no effects on them; suitable for PCB with small pitch betwen components.

Three separate heating areas, upper/ lower hot air and bottom IR; heating time and temperature can display on the touch screen.

.Large movable bottom pre-heating area, PCB clamping device can be flexibly adjusted on X/ Y-axis; applicable to Max. PCB size 550*500mm.

Powerful cross flow fan cools down the lower heating areas quickly

Color high resolution optical vision system with split vision, zoom in and fine adjusting functions. aberration distinguish device included, auto-focus, software operation, 22x optical zoom, applicable to BGA size range 1*1 mm ~70*70mm.

Embedded industrial computer; touch screen interface; PLC control with real-time temperature profile display; both setting profile and real temperature profile can be displayed;

Inbuilt vacuum pump; rotatable 60° in Φ angle; fine-adjusting mounting suction nozzle

Upper/ lower heater with 8 segments of temperature up (down) and 8 segments of constant temperature control, industrial computer can save temperature profiles without limit; can analysis profiles on the touch screen.

Suction nozzle can detect mounting height automatically with pressure controllable within 10gram

Many sizes of alloy nozzle; easy for replacement; can locate at all angle

Color optical vision system automatically moves through motor

Equipped with thermocouple port, real-time temperature monitoring and analyzing functions.

Auto-pick and place BGA chips on jigs with locating scales; after inputting the BGA size on touch screen, upper head can automatically come to the center of the BGA and pick it up, better for volume production.

With solid state running status display; to make temperature control safer and more reliable;

Under different environment or in different areas; auto-generate standard SMT desoldering profiles; no need to set profiles and users with repair experience or not can operate it easily;