Refractory coating

Refractory coating

Product description:

Alcohol sand core paint : production and supply of KGT-1 -type fire-resistant paint

The coating is ductile iron; ordinary cast iron and cast steel production process to prevent sticky sand casting; underway release; insulating effect of suspended material

KGT-2 water-based paint sand core of the coating is to prevent the casting sticky sand in ductile iron, ordinary cast iron and cast steel production process. Than the alcohol-based paint sand core more economical and environmentally suspended matter .

Water-based paint : ( launder paint) production and supply of KGT-3 water-based fire-resistant paint

In the production process of ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe in the ordinary equipment and iron isolation, uniform flow of molten iron and avoid casting porosity, trachoma suspension liquid material .

KGT-1; KGT-2; KGT-3 type coatings physical and chemical properties and characteristics:

1 : good leveling ( slip without drips )

2 : anti-erosion, strong adhesion ( spraying, brushing 2mm can) have a higher coating strength .

3 : temperature 1450 ℃ -2350 ℃.

4 : long suspension time easy to use.