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Prerequisites efficient lightning ADSL MODEM voice separator

Prerequisites efficient lightning ADSL MODEM voice separator
  • Prerequisites efficient lightning ADSL MODEM voice separator
  • Prerequisites efficient lightning ADSL MODEM voice separator
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Our company production, operation DSL voice separator, fiber optic communications devices and accessory products. DSL voice separator products, including the client and the central office of ADSL voice separator, ADSL 2+ splitter VDSL voice voice separator, VDSL 2+ voice separator , ISDN voice separator fiber products mainly include fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic adapter, fiber optic attenuator, optical splitter; optical fiber information panels and other fiber optic communications products.

Our products have been sold to more than ten countries and regions overseas, mainly in South America, North America, India, Turkey, Iran, CIS, the Middle East and other countries and regions because we independent design, independent production, independent quality control, independent export and thus better able to provide customers with faster and more service.

Product Features:

Client ADSL voice separator with high-performance components designed for telephone line with ADSL service, can be low-frequency voice signals and high frequency data signal separation, so that by interfering with the transmission of a telephone line with a 1 .ADSLSplitter input ports (Line), 2 output ports (Phone, Modem), and can be respectively connected to the traditional telephone ADSL modem, mainly used in the same room with the above two devices of ADSL broadband users.

Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics Co., Ltd. commitment:

1. The company sold one year warranty, except the warranty period as long as the failure and destruction are not human factors or irresistible natural phenomenon caused. ( One-swapping)

2 does not produce does not sell low-quality low-cost products.

3. Integrity, a win-win. Refused to cooperate in good faith with no buyers. Due to the presence of deception Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics Co. personnel resulting loss of customers, the company will assume its responsibilities.

Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics Co., Ltd. of values:

Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a platform; create wealth together through this platform attracts beneficial Hee wisdom; and then share the wealth.

Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics companies have to promote sharing and exchange: the global need for the people to provide free ADSL voice separator technology and fiber-optic communications technology consulting and services to exchange and global counterparts to promote the development of the industry.

Shenzhen Yi Xi Electronics Co., Ltd. Quality Control:

ISO 9001 system; internal controls

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