Agricultural Grade Calcium Sulfate

Agricultural Grade Calcium Sulfate

Product description:

Edible Fungi Additive Calcium Sulfate

'LeiXin series Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) powder is widely used in the mushroom industry. It is used in spawn production and compost. Adding small amounts of Gypsum and Calcium Carbonate (CACO3) can adjust pH to favor the mycelium growth, and make the surface of the grain dryer to promote free flowing characteristics, usually 0.5-1% each.

Agricultural Gypsum Used For Golf Course (AG#3)

Fine grind, high purity AG#3 improve water penetration, neutralize sodic soils and water, beautify greens and fairways.

• Extremely fine grind;

• High purity;

• Natural mineral;

• Dissolve quickly for fast results;

• Improve water peneration and retention;

• Design for using in sprinker drip flood or furrow irrigation systems;

• Improve soil tilth; neutralize sodic soils;

• Increase yields from problem soils;

• Supply sulfate-sulfur without affecting soil PH;

Agricultural Gypsum Used For Soil Improvement

'LeiXin Brand agricultural gypsum adopt natural gypsum as raw material, which is produced by grinding and selecting a select grade of high-purity gypsum. The product is beneficial to crops and soils, and it is non-hazardous and non-corrosive. LeiXin Gypsum Product Co. , Ltd supplies two products for different requirement in agricultural use.

Ag#2-Ⅰ, multi sized, is made available in bulk. Multi sizing provides time-release properties. The smaller gypsum particles are readily dissolved and absorbed by the crops, while the larger particles dissolve more slowly. It supplies calcium and sulfur throughout the growing season.

Ag#2-, fine-grind, is sold in bags and applied by banding, allowing the grower more control over the amount and placement of gypsum. Dissolved calcium from the fine particles go immediately to the pegging zone.