Industrial Grade Calcium Sulfate

Industrial Grade Calcium Sulfate

Product description:

Alpha-Type Plaster

'LeiXin Brand High-strength gypsum powder (α-type plasters) is an excellent pattern-making material. It can greatly improve the technical performance of ceramic mould, precision mould as well as other craft mould and extend their service life. As novel functional filler, it can be used to make some high-strength engineering-plastics and project-rubber products.

'LeiXin Brand High-strength gypsum powder is a high quality construction material. It can be used to make variety of plaster products which are the upscale decorative material. It has the high-strength, light quality, heat insulation, no pollution and many other characteristics and belongs to the typical green building materials. Compared with other traditional plasters, it intensity enhances several times with the features of high technical content, superior product performance, versatile and so on.

We choose natural gypsum ore as the main raw materials. We produce α-hemihydrates in the small addition of crystal modifier chemical conditions, with lower saturated vapor pressure of the autoclave treatment methods. Then by drying, grinding and some technical process it can turn into the high strength gypsum powder.

Leixin Gypsum Co. have a mature technology and advanced production equipment, use the most high-quality raw materials and most advanced additive, produce different performance of gypsum products according to customer requirements (the specification and set time can be adjusted by your specific need) .

We know that the high level quantities of the products are the important source for meeting the customers. In order to maintain a consistent quantity, LeiXin Gypsum Co. have vertically integrated all of the element of the production processes from mining and processing to packaging and quantity testing. All Samples are analyzed in-house and in a licensed in dependent laboratory to accommodate all testing requirements.

We are the calcium sulfate supplier from successful tradition of service to a diversity of Industries, attesting to our desire and ability to meet the needs of all customers.

Calcium Sulfate Filler (CF#1)

CF#1adopt pure natural gypsum as raw material, which is produced by grinding and selecting a select grade of high-purity white gypsum. It contains about 20% water of crystallization, so CF#1 can function as a flame regarding filler.


As a filler in tile adhesive and crack filler;

As a filler in polymers and other compounds;

As an extender in paints;

As a filler and pigment in the paper industry;

Calcium Sulfate Filler (CF#2)

CF#2, anhydrous calcium sulfate, is made by high temperature calcinations. Then high purity gypsum separated into a bright, white powder.


Is used for many rigid PVC application; such as window frames; mouldings; pipe; and so on;

Is used for a partial replacement for titanium dioxide;

Is used for food packing applications which requiring a filler with purity and food acid resistance.