Newland W720 Mini Skid Steer Loader

Newland W720 Mini Skid Steer Loader

Product description:

Contact Person: Rita Sun, Email:, SKYPE: sr_rita, QQ: 1594493996

Small volume, light weight, small in turning radius, multi-usage, widely used in farms, pasture, foreign family and factories, handling, material cleaning, loading and unloading, drilling, push the snow, the broken.

adopt imported engine, strong power, power output, optional HONDA, B&S, KOHLER three types of engines.

double ways of output, mechanical operation, Also can choose hydraulic servo handle.

with standard person handwriting do engineering births, also can choose solid tyres, grassland sets, narrow births, can also be supplied with caterpillar vehicles.

In-situ 360 degree sliding steering, small in turning radius, Drive steady.

can be fully open cover, simple quick quick change device, open buyers and realize the change after machine.

drive system used high strength chain, Long life, easy maintenance, easy to adjust and maintenance, which can guarantee the chain transmission efficiency and longer from practical life; Services are secure, tracking service.