Newland W6FD08 Compact Wheel Loader

Newland W6FD08 Compact Wheel Loader

Product description:

Contact Person: Rita Sun, Email:, SKYPE: sr_rita, QQ: 1594493996

Compact design, hydrostatic four wheel drive.

EURO III engine.

Telescopic arm.

Self levering.

Boom floating.

Four post ROPS.

Front and rear hydraulic output.

Standard quick coupling plate.

Pressure test connection on front chassis.

Three sides of the cabin can open a bit and hooked.

Rotating warning light on top.

12. Sound alarm for maintenance and warnings.


184kg or 36kg counterweight.

Cabin and glasses.

Heating systerm for cabin.

Rear hydraulic output.

3 point hitch.

Trailer hook.