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Newland W735 Skid Steer Loader

Newland W735 Skid Steer Loader
  • Newland W735 Skid Steer Loader
  • Newland W735 Skid Steer Loader
  • Newland W735 Skid Steer Loader
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Engines, perkins engines imported , and with Perkins engine manufacturers to form partnerships for many years, ensure that the machines capable of performing various work environments.

Form, all structural parts are self-R &, D, design, manufacture, pleasing in appearance, durability, hydraulic tank, fuel tank and chassis integration, in the structure to fully maximize the performance of the machine, arm and body to work the perfect combination.

Operation system, the operating system can choose the advanced mechanical control and the pilot control lever. Mechanical manipulation of clear structure and easy maintenance. Pilot control lever controls the various functions of the machine placed on the handle, together with various types of instrument parameters, can greatly improve operator comfort.

Leveling system, adopts imported machinery or hydraulic leveling system; leveling system, not only to improve to become more effective, but also increased the use of safety coefficient.

Cab, rops/ fops, big space, cab design features a full range of vision. Body seat safety bar can accommodate larger operators, and can serve as handrails, comfort and support to achieve precise control operation. Cab enclosure with a roof, rear window, side windows. Cab air-conditioning system can be powerful in the most hot, cool and comfortable work environment.

Maintenance, Just open the cover after the tail, on the cover, set off a cab, will be able to complete all inspections including engines, and filling work, and to maintain the filter and battery. in the maintenance of Safeway and maintenance without having to raise start-arm, which can effective use of maintenance time, rather than wasted on maintenance and maintenance of open and close to the point.