Happy Valley LED flexible light strip | LED strip light water | Happy Valley LED flexible light strip

Happy Valley LED flexible light strip | LED strip light water | Happy Valley LED flexible light strip

Product description:

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5050 Marquee strip LED Strip Light product brochures Valley

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First, the 5050 Marquee strip LED Flexible Strip Happy Key indicators:
Working temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃
Supply voltage: DC12V
Dimensions: L95 * W89 * H26 mm
Package Size: L145 * W98 * H52 mm
Output: nine CMOS drain output
Connection: Common cathode
Rated load current: Each 4A
Maximum load current: 4.5A per channel

Second, the 5050 Marquee Happy soft light strip LED control:
Open load output
Close load output
Static green
1. Monochrome scrolling, adjustable speed
2. monochrome display, adjustable brightness
3. Rainbow gradual roll combination, adjustable speed
Static Blue
4. monochrome running, speed adjustable
5. The seven-color gradient scrolling, adjustable speed
6. Rainbow circulation gradient, speed adjustable
Static red
7. Rainbow running, speed adjustable
8. monochromatic light off gradient, speed adjustable

9. colorful composition gradient scrolling, adjustable speed
Static cyan
Brightness rise (a total of eight)
Static white
Speed ​​reduction
Returns to the initial state
Increase speed
Static purple
Drop (of 8)
Static yellow
Left running
Right running

Third, the 5050 Marquee strip LED Flexible Strip Happy Notes:
1. The product supply voltage DC12V, DC24V or may not be connected to AC220V.
2. The power cord can not cause a short circuit shorted to each other.
3. Color Lead should follow the wiring diagram provided in the correct wiring.
4. The term of the product warranty for one year, replacement warranty period repair, but it does not include man-made damage or overloaded damage.


  • Super Bright 5050 SMD LEDs waterproof

  • Number of LEDs: 54pcs / m * 5 = 270pcs

  • Strip length: 500cm (5m)

  • Light-emitting angle: 120 degrees

  • RGB flashing, multi-color

  • Remote control switch, color and flash

  • Voltage: 12V DC

  • Effect: Happy valley, gradual change, blinking, chasing lights, water, scanning, gradient, burst flash, constant light, in batches etc ...

  • This product is widely used in city beautification projects, light box advertising, stage sets, home decoration, outline decoration, city beautification, industrial lighting, etc.; can replace the neon lighting.


  • 1 * 5m RGB Flash 5050 SMD LED Strip

  • 1 * IR Control Box

  • 1 * Remote Control