220V ticker tape | High LED Marquee Article | Outdoor decorative strip Marquee

220V ticker tape | High LED Marquee Article | Outdoor decorative strip Marquee

Product description:

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Name: LED lights with high pressure bead 5050-60
Voltage: 220V-240V normal household voltage.
Wattage: 14.4W / m.
Material: Casing: PVC plastic material + FPC board.
Source: light body: high brightness SMDLED lights.
Weight: 8 kg / roll (50 meters)
Protection: IP65
Normal life: 35,000 hours indoor and outdoor 30,000 hours Delivery:

Tips:! Can be bent Oh it easy and simple to install, the most suitable for home building decoration, Ceiling dark nest decoration, gardens, bridges, walkways, large decorative works, etc. can be used, reflective effect is very good.
product features:
1) ultra-bright, light-emitting angle of 120 ° SMD production, heat a small, light is small;
2) light bar soft, pliable, maintenance and easy installation; good water resistance up to IP67;
3) The outer layer of special plastic materials, seismic, pressure, UV, not broken;
4) high temperature up to 80 °;
5) to the unit length as a reference in identifying the site of shearing cut into any length;
6) lights work, the maximum length of 50 m can be connected to the conventional case under a plug with about 50 meters;
7) Working temperature -25 ° to 45 °, the storage temperature of -30 ° to 50 °;
8) does not need another configuration switching power supply, high cost; light, soft, pure, non-glare: light body with high transparency, a special formulation of environmental protection PVC plastic material production, even and soft light.
9) DC power supply, no flicker Long life: the normal life of up to 40,000 hours, long life and without replacement, almost no maintenance costs.
10) Green: LED solid cold light source, no mercury, lead and hazardous substances, after the termination of life can be recycled, in line with ROHS requirements Energy efficient: luminous efficiency of 67Lm / W, than traditional decorative lights energy-saving more than 60% .
1) Architectural decorative lights, home decoration, decorative ceiling corner
2) archway, canopy and bridge edge decoration lighting
3) Holiday decorations
4) emergency lighting in corridors and halls crossing
5) amusement park, theater decorative lighting
6) Stairs warning lighting, illuminated signs, advertising signs
7) bar, cabinet, jewelry cabinet, showcase decoration

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