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Shang Ming advertising luminous characters LED module

Shang Ming advertising luminous characters LED module
  • Shang Ming advertising luminous characters LED module
  • Shang Ming advertising luminous characters LED module
  • Shang Ming advertising luminous characters LED module
  • Shang Ming advertising luminous characters LED module
Product code: 15943400001
Unit price: 3-5 CNY
Reference price: 0.44-0.73 USD
Minimum order: 1000
Other info: 1KG White Red Blue Green Yellow
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LED Type: SMD5050

LED Color: RGB

Beam angle: ≥120 °

LED quantity: 3PCS

Source life: 50000H

Electrical parameters:

Operating voltage: DC12V

Working Power: 0.72W

Drive mode: constant voltage drive

Appearance parameters:

Housing: anti-static anti-UV, PVC

Shell Size: 75 * 12mm

color: white

Environmental Parameters:

Working temperature: -40- 60 ℃

Storage temperature: -50- 60 ℃


1) with bright LED light-emitting element, use epoxy to seal all the LED lamp beads, can achieve full waterproof, also has good heat dissipation, is a new generation of green high-tech products. There are red, yellow, blue, green, white, RGB six colors, light angle greater than 120 °; while maintaining the original ultra-high brightness, but also has a light color and moist, consistency is good.

2) constant voltage and constant current design, DC12V low voltage power supply, high heat silicone or epoxy potting achieve low temperature heat, water, moisture, corrosion and other effects, waterproof rating of IP65.

3) the use of high energy and low temperature cold temperature optimum crude silicone cable lines and quick and easy installation of a fixed slot, you can use screws, can also be double-sided glue, materials and design to ensure its safe transport and installation.

4) widely used three-dimensional characters, logos, light boxes, landscape layout and stage decoration inside light source, printing, plastic characters and other lighting facilities, is ideal for identification lamps acrylic signs, indoor and outdoor decoration can use.

5) LED light module safety and energy saving, maintenance-free, long life and other characteristics


LED module is mainly used to display advertising fonts (acrylic, plastic characters, etc.) and night effects identified it as a medium of text or logo, top or wall mounted on buildings, both during the day effects the performance of identity, but also the use of LED as a light source at night showed another effect, which together with LED lighting applications, control systems, text or logo on the dynamic video control, and in some places thicker atmosphere entertainment, LED light source module has become a corporate showcase one of the most important self-image a good choice. (color-rich, can according to customer requirements, through a unified controller for a variety of color variations)


Advertising signs light boxes KTV bars hotel decoration backlit signs or edge path and contour signs elegant interiors large backlit advertising signs


The company LED module using standard packaging, to prevent static bag and outer carton as a packaging material (packaging of different specifications of modules vary further information, please call us!), And will do some protective measures to ensure that the LED modules in transportation safety.


1, LED modules are used in low voltage input, requiring power installed in the LED light module 10 m range.

2, LED presence of positive and negative points, pay attention to the power port wiring installation must correspond to positive and negative, if positive and negative reversed, the module does not light, it will not damage the LED module, just for access to the normal.

3, LED modules use low voltage input, so absolutely do not undergo power and direct access to 220V, otherwise it will create a whole module burned.

4, the installation of LED module, requires double-sided adhesive or wood glue, the module slot and plastic base plate firmly paste. When using double-sided adhesive, it is necessary to fight together with glass, plastic, or prolonged exposure to sunlight outdoors next, it will cause the module to fall off. (Be sure LED module light word within a solid and reliable)

5, the installation can not be pushed, squeezed, the pressure module device, so as not to damage the device, affect the overall results.

6, number of series circuits: Each LED module can not exceed the number of circuits maximum number of connections, or will cause the brightness is not uniform.

7, using the environment: not waterproof module for outdoor use, be sure to do waterproofing.