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RGBWled Quad Controller RGBW led controller

RGBWled Quad Controller RGBW led controller
  • RGBWled Quad Controller RGBW led controller
  • RGBWled Quad Controller RGBW led controller
  • RGBWled Quad Controller RGBW led controller
  • RGBWled Quad Controller RGBW led controller
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Minimum order: 10
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product manual

IR 40 key RGBW controller uses very sophisticated infrared remote control technology for controlling RGBW lights. This product uses an infrared remote control, you can select different changing effects, you can adjust the overall brightness of lights, speed, switches and other functions. This products also have a power failure, a power mode when performed on each power users according to their needs, select your favorite conversion mode by remote control, the remote control has a shortcut to select static color, white luminance.; switch and brightness control more intelligent RGB and W are independent, can be controlled with white and RGB conversion, the effect is more beautiful. also built a variety of dynamic modes, adjustable speed. which has a cost-effective, flexible wiring, easy wiring, use simple.

main feature

① appearance of small, light weight;

② remote control with 40 buttons, easy to use, functional mode at a glance, very intuitive;

③ the use of simple wiring, and universal remote control;

④ RGB and W are two independent parts, can be controlled separately, so that the effect is more colorful.

Performance parameters


Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Supply voltage: DC5V, 12 ~ 24V (two options)

Output: four-loop, anode

Static power consumption: (1W

Dimensions: L61 * W35 * H22 mm

Package Size: L136 * W48 * H59 mm

Weight: 60g

Gross Weight: 85g

Output Current: (2A (each channel)

Output power: 5V (40W, 12V (96W, 24V (192W

remote control:

Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Power supply: button batteries

Supply voltage: 3V

Standby power consumption: 0.3uW

Standby current: 0.1uA

• function mode in the following table:

Static red

Static Green

Static Blue

Static white

Static orange

light green

dark blue




Violet Blue

Pink and white


Light blue


Green and white

light yellow

sky blue


Blue and red

Three-color transitions

Three-color gradient

Seven-color gradient

Rainbow hopping

Colorful flashing plus W

Automatic cycle


Note: RGB and W are two independent parts, can be individually controlled switch, brightness Example: When you select a static red RGB mode, and you can also turn on or off according to demand W, or W to adjust according to your needs brightness, RGB mode will not change, and vice versa, you can also adjust individual RGB mode part of the state, but in the FLASH mode W is unable to close due to mode-specific changes in effect.