Supply of fixed tub MGC1.1-6

Supply of fixed tub MGC1.1-6

Product description:

Supply of fixed tub

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First, the types and uses
Fixed tub and unloading in different ways according to the structure is divided into fixed, tipping bucket, side-dump, shuttle and hopper are several fixed tub is ground and one underground coal mine roadway transportation of coal and waste rock are the main transport equipment .

Fixed tub is also a short-range transport equipment other non-metallic minerals, bridge 梁叔公, railway engineering, conducting excavation and other construction Transportation Engineering elm sand, stones and other materials.

Second, characteristics

Fixed tub has a simple structure, durable, resistance-based production company a few small, large carrying capacity, easy maintenance.
Fixed tub and the frame fixed connection box shall be used dumper will unload carts flip.

Third, the basic composition

As cars, trailers, tub meet, running gear (two wheel). Stationary tub frame is a metal structure that can withstand the impact force and the impact of rail traction and braking force between the tub.
Fixed tub installed in the frame buffer ends; to mitigate the impact between the two vehicles running gear fixed tub by four wheels and two axes consisting of two wheels.
Fixed tub MGC1.1-6 Model meanings:
m- Mine tub fixed tub g- c- vehicle volume 1.1 m3 6- gauge.
Fourth, the technical parameters

Model Capacity m3 load capacity (nominal) Maximum loading gauge wheel diameter wheelbase allow traction KN high traction weight (less than) KG size MGC1.1-6 1.1 1 1.8 600 550 300 320 60 610 2000 * 880 * 1150MGC1.7 -6 1.7 1.5 2.7 600 750 300 320 60 720 2400 * 1050 * 1200MGC1.7-9 1.7 1.5 2.7 900? 750 350 320 60 970 2100 * 1150 * 1300MGC3.3-9 3.3 3 5.3? 900 1100 350 320 60 1320 3450 * 1320 * 1300

If necessary, can be customized
Buy fixed tub determine the following parameters: fixed tub models, the tonnage or volume, gauge, if in doubt, call us Our commitment:! Not bad products to technology-driven, quality of survival , welcomed the new and old customers to buy fixed tub!
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