Supply shuttle tub STB-4M

Supply shuttle tub STB-4M

Product description:

Supply shuttle tub
Shuttle tramcar rail wheel shuttle tramcar shuttle tramcar factory Shanxi shuttle tramcar
Hello, Jining million Coal Company welcomes your visit, I was Jining billion in coal Komori, Tel: 15376502879 very happy for me to introduce you to a new product - shuttle tramcar this product is my company (Jining million coal) production and sales of a new tub.
First, use

Shuttle tramcar used in tunnels, mine, mining, water holes, oil pipelines, gas pipelines, tunnel boring and mining construction in one of the ballast, loading ore transport storage equipment, storage equipment belonging upgrade.

Second, the composition

Mainly by the conveyor trough car and walk the line components, with the traction motor car on the track with the traction vehicle body disposed on both bogies fitted with scraper conveyor chain plate or on the compartment floor, can be driven by wind or electricity , there are dual-use wind power, commonly used to obtain an electric drive work.
Three characteristics

Jining billion in coal shuttle tramcar basically combines the advantages of dump trucks and vans tub, with continuous unloading speed, large capacity storage, high efficiency and convenient unloading ore material residue does not end at the end, the plot is not dirt roadway, lump ore degree is not limited, the use of flexible, high equipment reliability. is the existing most advanced transport carts, is our choice!
Fourth, the specific operational procedures:
1. shunting operations must be trained, familiar with the shuttle tramcar performance, structure, principles, examination and obtain operating permits before operating.
2. Before the operation, should be ready iron wedges and a variety of tools, according to the provisions of the various lubricating parts for lubrication; carefully check the bogie, the coupling pin, draw bar, etc; electric shuttle cars need to check the cable jacket and electrical degree Flaw means whether the wet, when irregularities or impede the safe and should be repaired or replaced. for construction allowed the state is not normal.
3. The shuttle tub before loading ballast, should observe the no-load operation of transmission parts should be no exception. Transmission chain and scraper conveyor chains should be no slack.
Before moving the shuttle car after boot connected wind should apply a joint inspection after pulling duct, confirm solid; 4. electric shuttle car should take power wear insulated gloves.
5. When loading ballast, apply iron wedge front and rear wedge. Officer shall close the shuttle car to prevent the shuttle car was hit rock loader or gravel splash out wounding when drivers need to close the job, should be suspended loading ballast, instead of iron wedges is prohibited by Gravel or wood.
6. The shuttle car operation, drivers should always observe the machine condition, when there is an exception, must be stopped immediately check troubleshooting. Prohibit machine condition have abnormal untreated forced to continue to operate.
7. shuttle cars filled, the driver must be removed or wind power source, after clearing foreign matter on the track before the car battery is connected. Confirm the connection is correct remove the iron wedge, only issue driving signal.
8. When unloading ballast, the wheel must be in both directions wedge iron wedge, prohibit the use of ballast or wood instead of iron wedges. On confirmation after unloading ballast direction unmanned boot.
9. The shuttle car travels, the prohibition of carrying persons.
10. After work, you should clean the shuttle car, pulling to a designated safe place to park, and with an iron wedge in both directions wedge wheels.
11. The shuttle tub with Shandong coal slag machine supporting the slag transport. When the shuttle to the end of reversing tub slag machine requires a handyman at the command of the job later.
In addition, coal Jining million caring for your service, professional production of U-shaped steel bracket; waterproof closed doors; fire gates; inclined shaft explosion-proof door; anti-shock doors; non-pressure damper; flatbed; material car model is complete, quality assurance.
Fifth, technical parameters
ST-14 / 4B ST-14 / 6B ST-14 / 8B ST-14 / 10B
Model Unit STB-4 STB-4M STB-6 STB-6M STB-8 STB-8M STB-10 SD-10M
Volume m3 4 6 8 10
Load T 10 15 20 25
Weight T 6.5 8.4 10.5 11.5
Gauge mm 600/762/900 600/762/900 600/762/900 600/762/900
Lap height m 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Unloading Time min 1 1.2 1.5 1.6
Minimum turning radius m 8 10 12 14
The maximum driving speed km / h 20 20 20 20
Matching power power / Model YI YBI YI YBI YI YBI J12 JB12
Matching power power / power kw 10.5 10.5 13 18.5
Dimensions (mm)
(LWH) 6250 * 1280 * 1450 * 16807014 * 17009540 * 1570 * 170010200 * 1560 * 1800
Recommended by rail kg / m is greater than or equal to 15 degrees greater than or equal to 18 degrees greater than or equal to 18 degrees greater than or equal to 18 degrees
Use roadway m2 2.2 * 2.2 2.3 * 2.3 2.5 * 2.5 3 * 3

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Jining one hundred million coal company Machinery Branch: fixed tub, tipping bucket, tub, flatbed, material cars, carts pin, ring chain, tub meet in the spring and waterproof airtight doors, fire fence dual doors, anti-shock sealed doors, anti-shock valve, no pressure damper, air shaft blast doors, blast doors Inclined wells, underground refuge chamber isolation doors underground mine safety of the door

Variety, full specifications, accessories and auxiliary materials to the machine, fully furnished, three bags of product management, sufficient quantity, price, welcome to order! Provide first-class quality, first-class reputation, first-class service to meet customer needs ! We believe in the quality of our tub is higher than the national standards, the price is lower than peers.

Shuttle tramcar rail wheel shuttle tramcar shuttle tramcar factory Shanxi shuttle tramcar