Supply of coal mine material car MLC2M3

Supply of coal mine material car MLC2M3

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Supply of coal mine material car

Mine explosion pin material selling cars offer high-quality coal mine material car Mine mine material car material car prices
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First, the purpose and scope
Materials suitable for underground mining vehicle mines, underground workings and surface along the transport of industrial sites and other materials supporting materials.
Second, the material vehicle series of technical parameters
Model Volume (m) Load (t) gauge (mm) Wheelbase (mm) wheel diameter (mm) towing height (mm) Dimensions Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
MLC2M3 2 600 550 300 320 2000 880 1150 520
MLC3M3 3 600 750 350 320 2400 1050 1200 570
YLC1M3 1 3.4 600 600 300 320 1900 1050 1200 580
YLC3M3 3 5.8 600 1000 400 320 3000 1200 1200 990
Third, Shandong one hundred million coal business:
Waterproof underground mine safety gates of the closed doors, fire fence dual doors, door seal anti-shock, anti-shock valve, no pressure damper, air shaft blast doors, blast doors Inclined wells, underground refuge chamber isolation doors. In Shandong Coal has always been to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development for the purpose, welcome friends from all walks of life here, sincere cooperation, create brilliant!
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