Mine supply electric locomotive CJY10 / 6, 7, 9G

Mine supply electric locomotive CJY10 / 6, 7, 9G

Product description:

Mine locomotive power supply

Mining electric locomotives, trolley motor vehicles, motor vehicle batteries, electric mine locomotive-what, selling mining electric locomotive
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I. Overview

Mine is mainly used for electric locomotive transportation tunnel underground and ground transportation over long distances. It is equivalent to the electric locomotive rail transport head, pulling the train by the tub or vehicles consisting of walking on track to complete the coal gangue , materials, equipment, personnel transport motor vehicles called mining electric locomotives.

Power is the use of traction motor drive the wheels turning, with the friction between the wheels and the rail surface, so that the locomotive running on the track. This operation mode, it not only by the traction motor traction (or internal combustion engine) power constraints, but also by the wheels Restricting rail surface friction between the locomotive transport can travel slope is limited, transportation, track grade is generally 3 ‰, the local slope must not exceed 30 ‰. Its classification by structure-linear motor vehicles and motor vehicle battery. Battery motor vehicles in general divided 2.5T, 5T, 8T, 15T, and several other models. 2.5T motor vehicles, there is general type, security, explosion-proof special type three. mining electric locomotives made by the mechanical part and electrical components.
Second, the main features:

Small size, short wheelbase, compact and flexible, fast and reliable brake up gates, simple structure, easy maintenance, suitable for supporting roadway and small and medium-sized mining ore transportation tune vehicle. 5T explosion-proof special type of motor vehicle, no points . level and a level speed of two locomotives I plant in the first thyristor chopper stepless speed regulation of new technologies Main features: reasonable structure, reliable explosion-proof performance, smooth start, the main technology to achieve energy savings. level of similar products at home and abroad
, A level speed locomotive motor series is the use of batteries in parallel magnetic field applied magnetic weakening. Speed ​​series of seven, start the car smoother, no significant impact. Proof performance, reliable, good quality, simple structure, easy maintenance, deep welcomed by users.
Third, the species

8T motor car has a variety of models and a variety of voltage levels, and there is a special type of two safe and explosion-proof.

12T motor vehicle common type, underground explosion-proof special type and ground engineering vehicle categories, with traction, high speed, strong carrying capacity and other characteristics. Explosion-proof special type suitable for an annual output of 1.2 million tons more coal mines with high methane. Tone There chopper speed mode speed or battery and two serial governor. and double-side cab, overlooking the good performance.
15T motor vehicle is designed for large tunnels, subways, water diversion project construction and development of engineering and electric locomotive of the motor vehicle by resistance speed direct control: hand wheel with a brake resistor braking, air brake brake in three ways : V-shaped rubber spring, can withstand the longitudinal, vertical and lateral vibration and shock in three directions have traction, high speed, strong carrying capacity and other characteristics.
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Fourth, the main parameters;

Motorcycle Model: CJY10 / 679G

(The original model: ZK10-679)








Adhesive quality

10 t



600/762/900 mm


Rated voltage




Hour traction

13.05 KN


Hour speed

11 km / h


Hour power

(Traction motor)

2 * 20.6 KW


Maximum traction force

24.5 kN


The minimum curve radius



Traction height

320 mm

430 mm


Collector height

1800 ~ 2200 mm



1100 mm


Wheel diameter



Speed ​​mode

Resistance governor



Mechanical brake



A drive


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Mining electric locomotives, trolley motor vehicles, motor vehicle batteries, electric mine locomotive-what, selling mining electric locomotive
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