Supply tub pin

Supply tub pin

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Supply tub pin

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What it feels tub pin, the pin is made Shiyao tub with? Tub pin its role in where? Dear consumer, and how much you understand? I was one hundred million coal Komori, now we together to learn about it!

I. Overview

Aka tub pin connector plug.

Tub pin connector plug or should I say, it is composed of mining train transport transportation vehicles essential components

Tub pin is used to connect between the tub and the tub! Widely used in connection between mining vehicles, using a wide range of product quality and reliable!

Second, the role

Tub pin to prevent the use of jump pin and lock ring set on a vehicle as a whole; together constitute the locking device; thus ensuring the safety of train operation; to avoid accidents that jump pin plug according to the diameter and breaking force. ; predetermined number of sections of traction and suspension use transport vehicles towing safety multiples to ensure safe transportation with vehicles.

Third, the specification: 40 pin tub; 50 tramcar pin products always have, but opportunity is not always there, our factory outlets, now the most favorable prices return of old and new customers, if you find that, you're make, and quickly pick up your phone, to learn more of it, never let you get the most affordable of the most assured products Oh! one hundred million coal brand, trusted! please call consultation company Shandong one hundred million coal company!

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