Supply mine Wheel

Supply mine Wheel

Product description:

Mine supply wheels for mine mine wheel custom wheel manufacturers

Mine wheels; mine Wheel customized mine wheels 300 Diameter mine wheels; 350 mines diameter wheel Shandong coal mining production and processing tub; mine wheels, mine Wheel, etc tub accessories; factory Tel 15376502879

First, use:

Coal mine wheels for railway use for large coal mine roadway transport;! Small oblique wellbore; small inclined trough and mine ground transportation.

Second, characteristics:

Shandong coal production and tub; and processing ore wheel; the wheel for a variety of coal mine tub; cast steel products; quality assurance; service-class mine wheels have a diameter of 300;. Tread 900; diameter 400; 900 other tread series of round wheel right, tub single round mine wheels are made of cast steel and cast iron tub and two sum of more than 20 tons of material at;.. generally should increase the number of rounds.

Third, the main products:

Shandong coal mining supplies Co., Ltd. mainly processing production mining accessories: tub: tipping bucket tub; fixed tub; mining flatbed; mining materials, vehicles tub accessories: In addition, I also operate tub meet, tub pin son, tub ring chain (welding), single-chain polyurethane tub tub meet, rubber tub meet, meet in the spring, anti-off circle, three-ring chain, universal ring, connecting pin, tub rails; mine Wheels, mine wheels right, like coal mining machinery plant factory specializing in the production and processing of a variety of mineral wheel; ore mine wheel wheel ordered price welcome your call!

Fourth, contact:

Contact: Du Jingli

Phone: 153765028790537-3151059

Fax number: 0537-2160781

Want: jnyimei0066
QQ: 2552702242
Address: Jining City, electromechanical South Road, High-tech Zone

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