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MDC2.2-6B hopper tub

MDC2.2-6B hopper tub
  • MDC2.2-6B hopper tub
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Hopper Mine tub MDC2.2-6B hopper bottom dump tub tub Yulin

Jining one hundred million Coal Company welcomes your visit, coal Ann tub, quality is guaranteed, Jining one hundred million coal company in strict accordance with national standards to ensure the production of every one is mine car through rigorous testing, do not let a not telephone contact qualified products into the market. Our company specializes in the tub has been for many years, quite proficient tub, Komori below will take you into the hopper tub! If you do not understand me oh ~ 15376502879

One: the use of hopper tub

Metal ore mines or mining nature and manner hopper tub suitable for underground or surface mining its mines  other similar underground workings and surface along the transport of ore workplace or other species.

My company's bottom side dump mine car has a compact structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance, large carrying capacity and other characteristics, to overcome the shortcomings of big hoppers, tub and side dump mine car the uninstall clean, high unloading speed , and roundtrip unload having wide adaptability, is the ideal equipment of large, medium and small mines, coal, ore and other transport.

Second, the production standards JB / T6992-93 (narrow gauge mine car common technical requirements)

Third, the product composition and the representative model meaning the product model by the capital letters and Arabic numerals data  describes the coal mine car models, the trunk volume and gauge  various letters and numbers arranged in a fixed order.

Which are defined as follows MDC2.2-6B  M- represents Coal represents hopper car D- C- represents 2.2 represents coal mine car tub volume m³ 6 - indicates gauge 600mm B- number represents improvement

Fourth, the main technical parameters No. Model Name MDC2.2-6B 1

Rated load compartment volume 2.2m³ 2 2 t 3 4 gauge 600 mm wheelbase 1100 mm wheel diameter 350 mm 5 6 pin connector type chain ring maximum traction traction 60KN 7 8 430 mm high weight 1694 kg

Fifth, the working principle and part

Trunk side or both sides can be opened by means mounted on the unloading point unloading ore mine curved rail so that the tub is tilted backward by gravity or trunk floor open to the side, named hopper tub. Hopper mine car by the car bucket, undercarriage, wheel right, buffers.

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Buy hopper tub determine the following parameters: bottom dump mine car models, the tonnage or volume, gauge, if in doubt, call us Jining million coal company Machinery Branch: fixed tub, tipping bucket tub, flatbed, material cars, carts pin, ring chain, tub meet in the spring and waterproof airtight doors, fire fence dual doors, door seal anti-shock, anti-shock valve, no pressure damper, air shaft explosion-proof door , underground mine safety gates of blast doors Inclined wells, underground refuge chamber isolation doors, etc., welcome to buy!

Hot tub hopper special for use in mines MDC2.2-6B hopper tub