Supply of 30 minutes insulated compressed oxygen self-rescuer

Supply of 30 minutes insulated compressed oxygen self-rescuer

Product description:

Supply of 30 minutes insulated compressed oxygen self-rescuer

ZYX30 compressed oxygen self-rescuer, 30 minutes insulated compressed oxygen self; selling Hu rescue inhaler; compressed oxygen self-rescuer; 30 minutes rescuer;; mine Hu respirator.

Security responsibilities for the day, life supreme, a hundred years one hundred million coal trustworthy, I supply all kinds of isolated self rescuer, while the supply of compressed oxygen self-rescuer oxygen filling pump, welcome to buy!

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First, use:

30 minutes insulated compressed oxygen self; the advantages of ease of use for staff in CO, CH4, and other toxic;; reasonable structure; reliable performance in the escape of harmful gases and anoxic environment or to be rescued when used; a isolated self rescuer; can be recycled.

This product is a portable type; mainly in the mines; fire or other environmental toxic gas pollution occurs when air or hypoxia asphyxiating disasters; provide timely on-site personnel wear; protect personnel normal Hu suction and escape the disaster.

Second, for the environment:

1, insulated compressed oxygen self characteristics and uses: compressed oxygen self-rescuer is a regenerative closed-circuit isolated Hu suction protection device is mainly used for coal or occur in the ordinary atmospheric pressure operating environments.
When toxic gases prominent and hypoxia asphyxiating disaster, used for field personnel wearing self-help escape quickly.

2, for use in the chemical sector when poisonous gases escape.

3, for use in petroleum mining operations; natural gas or other toxic gases are a large number of prominent use.

4, for the high-rise buildings; people in the building in case of fire escape or be worn when using save.

5, firefighters or other departments, and he saved for use in hazardous gas or oxygen-deficient environment.

Third, the product features:

1, the product is an isolated closed cycle type Hu suction device; Hu suction system after wearing the body and isolated; can prevent various poisonous gases into the body.

2, using circulating Hu suction way; Hu out of the gas through the CO2 absorbent canister clean; the CO2 absorption; The remaining oxygen and oxygen into the air bag pressure reducer output with inhaled through the mouth and suck before Hu mode (refer to Hu are compared to the intake air flow through the absorber) of self-help; with little resistance Hu suck; no dust inhalation; without choking; suction temperature is low; Hu suction comfortable advantages.

3, Oxygen has three ways (Quantitative; automatically; manual capture to oxygen), effectively improving the protection of the safety and reliability Hu suck.

4, advanced vacuum principle; has a small size; light weight; stable performance characteristics.

Self-help is essential for mine construction and chemical plants and other rescue equipment, mine workers to go down when the state must wear life-saving equipment. When a disaster occurs at the mine, the workers in a timely manner can be used to solve the supply of oxygen, and thus find the nearest rescue places and rescue personnel.

Fourth, the technical parameters:

ZY30 insulated compressed oxygen self key performance indicators: use of time: when the work load 54.8W 30 minutes automatic exhaust pressure: 150-300Pa CO2 absorbents should be installed amount ≥350g airbag volume of water ≥5L oxygen cylinder filling pressure 20MPa oxygen ≥56L gas bottle OSC way: 20-3MPa when quantitative gas amount ≥1.2L / Min 20-5MPa quantified amount of gas ≥60L / Min Weight (including CO2 absorbent and oxygen): 1.9Kg Dimensions 160 * 76 * 230mm

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