127v hammer

127v hammer

Product description:

127v hammer

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First, an overview:

127v hammer is a kind of drill; Mainly used in concrete. Floor. Drilling on the brick and stone. Professional wall; Concrete; Stone above perforated; Multifunctional electric hammer; Adjustment to the appropriate location with proper drills can replace ordinary electric drill; Electric pick. Due to the electric hammer drill is rotating at the same time and also along quickly in the direction of movement of the drill rod (frequent shocks), so it can be brittle cement concrete and rapid punch on the stone and other materials. -Grade rotary hammer can take advantage of the transfer switch, electric hammer drill at a different status, that is, rotation is not only impact, impact not only turning, both impact and rotation.
The second parameter:
Power supply type AC power impact 40000 (joules)
Hammer 4000 frequency (times/min) 26 maximum drilling diameter (mm)
100 tripping torque (n.m) power of 1180 (w)
5 weight (kg) scope of dual-use hammer go

Above is the hammer and some parameters, can be used as a reference that you select, we can call at any time.

Three characteristics:

1, precise speed control switch: low speed when the touch switch, can help smooth machine tripping (smooth surfaces such as ceramic tile, for example drilling, not only preventing bit slip can also prevent rupture of bored. working speed can be used to ensure efficiency.
2, three positive inversion function: the hammer can be used more widely, and its form is mainly realized through the switch or adjust the brush position, usually big tool will adjust the brush position (rotary brush) to achieve the benefit of this is easy; Effectively to protection of commutator Sparks, prolong motor life. (*^﹏^*)

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