Supply ZM-450A-type hand push chiseling machine

Supply ZM-450A-type hand push chiseling machine

Product description:

Supply ZM-450A-type hand push chiseling machine

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First, use Introduction
Floating on the surface of the ZM-450A-type hand push chiseling machine, for a variety of concrete highways, bridges, railways, water conservancy, power, airports, bridges, parking lots and municipal, construction, architectural, engineering and other new reinforcement when the removal of pulp, granite decorative surface roughening treatment, so as to achieve a uniform roughness of the machine is the latest technology for high-speed railway, highway C50 concrete designed rectangular type chisel head and high air tightness sealing device. The products are also widely used in a variety of old ground floor before the renovation process, the removal of damaged ground raised part epoxy resin, do non-slip surface, Blind and the new surface roughening. fully reflect the value of low-cost high-efficiency, and with good looks, stable performance, flexible operation, easy handling characteristics.
Second, product characteristics
ZM-450A-type hand push chiseling machine working width of 400mm, above 11 alloy chisel feather, every minute 11 * 2200 = 24200 times hit frequency equal to 24200 * 44 = 1064800 chisel points; cutting hourly gross area up to 30 ~ 120 m2 (chisel deep 3 ~ 10mm, concrete grade between C30-C50) while the machine is the biggest feature is you can quickly replace alloy cutting hair boots head, to ensure cost-effective operation. In addition to its unique rectangular reinforced alloy cutting hair boots head, but also increase its combat power, the effect is more pronounced, and having multiple grinding characteristics used to extend the service life of cutting hair boots head.
Third, the technical parameters

Product Name

Cutting hair machine





Power source

3.5m3 / 7 kg air compressor

Cutting the number of head


Gouge frequency

11 * 2200 per minute

Working width


Efficiency (C30 ~ C50 concrete grade)

Chisel deep 3-10mm, capacity 30-120 m2 per hour

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