Supply ZM-23S-type hand push chiseling machine

Supply ZM-23S-type hand push chiseling machine

Product description:

Supply ZM-23S-type hand push chiseling machine

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First, use Introduction
ZM-23S-type hand push chiseling machine, mainly for highway bridges, airports, bridges, parking lots and other concrete floor on the ground surface of the new concrete to remove laitance of the pavement, to achieve uniform rough design. The machine is also widely used to make a variety of old ground floor before the renovation process, removing the damaged surface bumps, epoxy resin, do non-slip surface, so the new surface to fight hair, which fully reflects the value of high-efficiency low-cost applications. applies to both reservoirs, dams seepage, dangerous bridge dangerous bridge reinforcement, power plants, highways, high-speed railway, tunnel reinforcement letters and other types of buildings, and a wide range of applications.
Second, product characteristics
ZM-23S-type hand push chiseling machine models is small, body weight, you can do 24000-50600 times hammering frequency per minute. Gouge area per hour at different concrete strength up to 30-100 square meters, while reducing On the basis of the damage. machine powered by 3m3 / 6kg kg air compressor to operate its chisel feather high quality tungsten steel alloy produced, each pay chiseling boots head total of 23, each pay chiseling boots head the useful life of more than 3000m2; more than five times after replacing chiseling boots head, replace a rod and piston sets, which greatly reduces the cost of using chisel feather, and without opening the body to resolve within one minute replacement boots head .
Third, the technical parameters

Product Name

Cutting hair machine





Power source

3m3 / 6 kg air compressor

Cutting the number of head


Gouge frequency

23 * 2200 per minute

Working width


Efficiency (C30 ~ C50 concrete grade)

Chisel deep 3-10mm, capacity 20-80 m2 per hour

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