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Supply ZM-2A type handheld headed chiseling machine

Supply ZM-2A type handheld headed chiseling machine
  • Supply ZM-2A type handheld headed chiseling machine
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Supply ZM-2A type handheld headed chiseling machine

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I. Introduction Uses
ZM-2A type handheld headed chiseling machine is mainly used in highway, railway bridge and the surface layer of concrete box girder tick chisel, building walls, floors, and municipal engineering concrete pavement repair renovation excluding reinforcement and other fields, in the course not only improve the work efficiency and quality and enable Face achieve uniform roughness, removing surface laitance concrete pavement after a strong bond, and ultimately to the useful life and the safety factor has been greatly enhanced work objects.
Second, product characteristics
ZM-2A-type hand-held hair dryer models small double-headed hammer, lightweight body, head to do every minute of each chisel hammering frequency 2400 times, Gouge area per hour at different concrete strength and deep chisel different requirements to be completed about 3-10 meters, while reducing the damage to the foundation. machine powered by 0.9m3 / 5 公斤 pressure air compressor to operate its chisel feather high quality tungsten steel alloy chisel head, hardness, high hit quality.

Third, the technical parameters





Power source

0.9m3 / 5 kg air compressor

Cutting the number of head


Gouge frequency

2 * 2400 per minute

Working width


Efficiency (C30 ~ C50 concrete grade)

Chisel deep 3-5mm, capacity 4-8 m2 per hour

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