Supply fire fence dual-use door MFHSL1.4 * 1.8

Supply fire fence dual-use door MFHSL1.4 * 1.8

Product description:

Where supply fire fence dual-use door?

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First, the product uses
Jining Coal Mining Equipment Co. million fire fence dual doors underground mine essential goods, mainly for underground main drainage pumps and between the main substation chamber, within the mining area substation channel tape conveyors, electrical equipment and power distribution within the winch substation Chamber and other channels, such as when the underground fire, the combustion is not spreading, and ensure mine safety

Second, the model specifications

Fire gates divided into the following four specifications, if necessary, can be customized.


Model Specifications

Drawing No.


MFHSL1.4 * 1.8



MFHSL1.6 * 1.8



MFHSL1.8 * 2.0



MFHSL2.1 * 2.0


Significance models represent, we MFHSL 1.4 * 1.8 Case, MFHSL (fire and gates), 1.4 (cave mouth net through width 1400mm), 1.8 (cave mouth net through a highly 1800mm)

Third, the characteristics of Jining million coal fire fence dual doors

The door also has the characteristics of gates and fire doors, applicable to non-professionals into the chamber, the Treasury and other entrance, usually with a ventilation function with fire function if you encounter unusual circumstances. Simple structure, easy operation, the door is the use of more widely.

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