Bomi impact behind closed doors burst pin FM25001800X1100mm

Bomi impact behind closed doors burst pin FM25001800X1100mm

Product description:

Where supply shock Bomi closed?

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One: Purpose
Jining Coal Mining Equipment Co. million impact Bomi closed underground mine is essential goods for material distributed underground cavern and library materials, mainly from isolation to prevent shock and produce flames, poisonous gas diffusion to the outside roadway by total return air duct discharge, to protect lives and property.

Waterproof closed doors for the main substation within the underground drainage pumping station and the main channel leading to the shaft bottom, easily closed to prevent sudden immersion of water.

II: Model Specification

No. Model Specifications Remarks

1FM25001800X1100mm GB Value pressure 2500kpa

2FM15001800X1100mm GB Value pressure 2500kpa

Designed for closed door Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shandong designed for closed door impact Bomi closed

Third, the closed doors main structure
The impact Bomi closed the door frames, doors, dumplings page, atresia devices and other components.
1, door to unequal angle welding the frame member.
2, arcuate leaf shell plate, Tic-Tac-ribs, channel steel ring beam welding together.
3, the next page dumplings one-way thrust ball bearings.
4, the locking device to lock shaft rotary handle.
5, sealing method using 9-shaped cross-section rubber seal.

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