Supply of anti-shock valve best quality

Supply of anti-shock valve best quality

Product description:

Supply of anti-shock valve best quality

Mining dedicated anti-shock valve gate valve life impact, authentic fried to the library of anti-shock valve; coal mine anti-shock valve

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A product description and function:

Anti-shock valve for underground explosive material library and explosion zha zha material issuing Chamber, from the anti-shock, adjust air flow and isolate the role of the Treasury needed. Prevent cave interior materials distributed to burst zha fried produce flame, smoke, toxic gases spread out. ventilation valve group was divided into three groups, when used according to Underground blasting material library needs air flow and total return air duct negative value, determine the number of ventilation valve group, and can adjust the angle of each set of valves to fine-tune Zhang Qi, optimum ventilation meet, shock overpressure capability 2500Kpa.

Second, the technical parameters

Drawing No.

Frame size (mm)

Pressure (kPa)

Ventilation rate (m3 / h)

T86-FH2500 / 918




T86-FH1500 / 918




Three main structure of the product:

The anti-shock valve by a member frames, doors, latching devices, dumplings page etc .. frames ranging from welding frame corners. Doors top with three ventilation valve means that there are three groups of the shutter plate to open a total of 18 a diameter of 122mm When the vents, living outside the door with automatic opening valve 12 degree angle hanging board. Each group ventilation rate of 2,000 cubic meters of the shutter / h, the total amount of 6,000 cubic meters of ventilation / h, according to wind speed 8m / s for the design, use According underground blasting material library requires air flow and total return air duct negative value, determine the number of ventilation valve group, each group can adjust the shutter angle hanging board Zhang Qi fine-tuned to meet the optimum ventilation. When the library event explosion zha, after shock wave attenuation, time and pressure as long as more than 20KPa, hanging plate pressed the shutter automatically shut down within 3-8s, the outside world to prevent explosion zha impact flame spread can be explosive, toxic gas diffusion to the outside roadway, discharged from the total return air duct.

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Mining dedicated exclusively for anti-shock valve gate pin burst of life impact of the shutter, authentic fried to the library of anti-shock valve; mine underground anti-shock valve