Supply of non-pressure damper MF1400 (width) * 1800 (H)

Supply of non-pressure damper MF1400 (width) * 1800 (H)

Product description:

Supply of non-pressure damper where the most secure

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True gold fears fire, the door stand the test! Jining one hundred million Coal welcome your visit. 15376502879 Komori for your dedicated service.

First, the product uses
Non-pressure damper into the return airway for underground and main roadway into each contact between the return airway open a small force, no longer need to set up reverse throttle, manually open without pressure damper, and after the car, can automatically shut down , is the ideal coal mine currently a damper. It broke the old-fashioned form of structure damper, clever use of link balancing mechanism, the negative pressure acting on the throttle through the balancing mechanism into an internal force, so that the damper open only with the counterweight and the door shaft friction related.
Second, product models, specifications, technical parameters
1, the non-pressure damper bear the greatest negative pressure 1000Pa, different to the synchronous switching, manual opening force ≤150N, doors opening angle ≤90 °, the net through the width dimension ≤2200mm, net through a highly ≤2500mm, if necessary, can be customized.
2, two-way non-pressure damper common specification models are:
MF1400 (width) * 1800 (H);

MF1600 (width) * 1800 (H);
MF1800 (width) * 2000 (H);

MF2100 (width) * 2000 (H);

Significance models represent, we MF1400 (width) * 1800 (H), for example, MF behalf of the net by a height of no pressure damper, 1400 (width) represents the net by a width of 1400mm, 1800 (high) represents the net by height 1800mm, if you do not understand can call telephone number is 15376502879.

3. Material can choose ordinary steel, stainless steel or polycarbonate transparent polycarbonate panels transparent visible leaf, light transmission rate of more than 80%;
Third, the main structure
The non-pressure damper from the frames, doors, balance mechanism and weight and other components.
1, the frame is steel welding frame, split the assembly.

2, the doors to well-shaped steel skeleton.
3, the balance mechanism uses crank linkage.
4, the door hinge of the bearing support.
5, sealing method using a rubber plate sealing.
Fourth, the applicable conditions
1, ambient temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃ ~ -20 ℃;
2, altitude air relative humidity less than 95%;
3, no serious dripping and splashing water environment;
4, explosion zha gas (methane) and coal dust in the mine.

V. Product Description
The non-pressure damper is my factory independent development, product quality standards and testing standards strictly enforced Q / WMS-3017-2006 (throttle).
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