Waterproof closed doors selling MMB1.4 * 1.8

Waterproof closed doors selling MMB1.4 * 1.8

Product description:

Waterproof closed doors where the most secure?
Waterproof mine closed door, the door of life underground mine waterproof fire closed doors;. Closed doors; hot water closed doors
True gold fears fire, the door stand the test!. 15376502879 Komori for your dedicated service.

Jining billion in coal production of waterproof closed doors, the quality of workmanship, price concessions, complete model, underground mine is essential goods, the products have been widely used in Xinjiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other coal mines. We welcome customers from different places to visit my company . Here I brief my company's waterproof closed doors
First, the product uses
Waterproof closed doors for the main substation within the underground drainage pumping station and the main channel leading to the shaft bottom, easy to close, mainly to prevent sudden immersed in water, the present closed doors to withstand the maximum pressure 98Kpa, the main role is waterproof simple structure and easy to use.
Two product models, specifications, technical parameters

No. Model Specification Drawing No. Weight kg

1MMB1.4 * 1.8 B85-373 (1) 1123

2 MMB1.6 * 1.8B85-373 (2) 1194

3 MMB1.8 * 2.0B85-373 (3) 1319

4 MMB2.1 * 2.0B85-373 (4) 1430

Significance models represent, we MMB1.4 * 1.8 as an example, MMB (closed door), (net through cave mouth width 1400mm) 1.4, 1.8 (cave mouth net through a highly 1800mm)
3: Product Composition

Flat steel doors, Tic-Tac-ribs, ring beams welded and other groups;
Doorframe of channel, beam composite frame;
Tensioning device is a wedge-shaped slider wedge;
Door hinge rolling bearing support, ruffle-like, through the above information, you are not waterproof closed doors with general understanding. Did not understand it does not matter, you just need to pick up your phone call can solve your doubts.

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