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YSNG YGT4-14 rebar straightening and cutting machine

YSNG YGT4-14 rebar straightening and cutting machine
  • YSNG YGT4-14 rebar straightening and cutting machine
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YGT4-14 fully automatic rebar straightening& cutting machine could realize BATCH OPERATION, the user could set 99 working batch in total, cutting length and quantity could be set for each batch, YGT4-14 adopts high working efficiency and low cutting tolerance, it is the ideal rebar processing equipment. And straightening DICE or Hyperbolic ROLLER are optional for the straightening system.


1. Fully automatic, batch operation, capable of cutting 99mts in a single setting. The machine would be continuously working until all the tasks are finished or the coil is run out.

2. Intergrated multifunctional PLC control panel

3. Unique (memorize) button

4. Minimum cutting length is 400-800mm and maximum cutting length has no limitation

5. Very small cutting length tolerance

6. Patented blade travel limitation sensor switch providing a safer operation

7. Hydraulic cutting system, stable and with lower noise

8. Control system adopts Schneider Electric Switch, reliable and durable




Straightening steel diameter scope (mm)

For plain carbon round steel 4-14

For reinforced bar 4-12

Working speed (m/ min)


Cutting length limitation


Cutting length tolerance (mm)


Main motor power (kw)


Cutting motor power (kw)


Weight (kg)


Dimension (mm)