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YSNG GQ50 Rebar Cutter

YSNG GQ50 Rebar Cutter
  • YSNG GQ50 Rebar Cutter
Product code: 15936700001
Unit price: 1100 USD
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Other info: 50000KG Grey
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GQ50 Rebar cutting machine can be used efficiently to cut ordinary carbon steel, hot-rolled steel, screw bar, flat bar, square bar and angle bar which are widely used in machining and construction project.


1: It s small in size, light in weight, reliable in quality and compact structured.

2: It s well lubricate. this machine is adopted with closed-box structure in which the flying gears lubricate by them. Filling the lubricating oil over the oil level indicator to make machines are well lubricities.

3: Less functional loss. the resistance small, because of improvement in lubrication system and the adoption of rolling bearing at the end of gear axis. This machine functional loss is reduced by 1/3 than other cutting machine.

4: It s convenient to be moved and maintenance.

Cutting Scope (mm)

Plain bar

( Dia 50

Class Reinforced Steel Bar

( Dia 40

Size of flat steel

( 80*18

Size of square steel

( 40*40

Size of angle steel

( 63*63

Control style

With Clutch

Cutting Frequency (times/ min)


Motor power (Kw)


Voltage& Frequency (v/ hz)


Rotation speed (r/ min)


Net weight (kg)


Dimension (mm)