FXZ-03 Series Gas Electric Actuator

FXZ-03 Series Gas Electric Actuator

Product description:

FXZ-03 Series electric actuators used in various oil, gas, furnace temperature control regulation instruments supporting the use (also without valve position feedback), smooth control, high precision valve position, a small amount of run-down, good sealing performance advantages compared good to solve the environmental problems of the furnace. The system has been widely used in building materials, chemical industry.

Products are described as follows:
FXZ-03 Series electric actuators, is based on gas, hot air, air, etc., with reference to foreign-related products developed out of main technical data fully meet the requirements, some parts are still imported parts to improve its torque and reliability. Actuator has passed years of actual use, proved to be an excellent gas, hot air control equipment, its affordable prices are welcomed by many users.
FXZ-03 And aluminum butterfly valve actuator supporting the use of butterfly valve into ∮25, ∮32, ∮40, ∮50, ∮65, ∮80, ∮100mm seven kinds of path from the gas species into liquefied natural gas, gas three categories depending on the gas, different gas flow matching the corresponding diameter butterfly valve, such as a gas coal mine gas should be considered when corrosive gases, is recommended as an optional stainless steel discs.

Technical performance
Model: FXZ-03 (without valve position feedback potentiometer)
FXZ-03R (with valve position feedback potentiometer)

Protection class:
± P54 ~ IEC592
Duty Cycle:
Protection Level: 1

Power consumption: 4.8VA
Cam contact load: 60 ~ 250V maximum
Electrical connection: 1.5mm2 cable

Torque: 3Nm
Weight: 1.4kg (not with valve
With flash position feedback potentiometer: 1KΩ life) 1,000,000 views

Mechanical action times:) 500,000 times without failure
Mechanical action angle: 0 ° ~ 90°
Mechanical movement time: from 0 ° ~ 90 ° or 90 ° ~ 0 °, 30 seconds / 60 seconds selectable

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