Stainless steel shut-off valve

Stainless steel shut-off valve

Product description:

1, simple structure, manufacture and maintenance more convenient.

2, the working stroke is small, open and close a short time.

3, sealing, and the sealing surface friction force is small, longer life expectancy .

Stainless steel cut-off valve is widely used in chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food machinery industry .

Shut-off valve, also called cut door, is the most widely used of a valve, it is the reason why the popularity is due to the process of opening and closing between the sealing surface friction is small, relatively durable, opening height is not easy to manufacture, repair convenient, not only for low-voltage, and suitable for high pressure. As of the principle of the valve is closed, relying on the valve bar pressure, so that the valve sealing surface and the seat sealing surface snug fit to prevent the media circulation. shutoff valve only allowed one-way media flow, directional installation .