Q44F way ball valve

Q44F way ball valve

Product description:

Product Specifications : DN15-250

Nominal : PN1.6-4.0MPa; 150-300Lb

Temperature : -26-300

Transmission: Manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro- hydraulic


1, compact structure, open and close rapidly, runner smooth, fluid resistance.
2, good sealing performance : the use of four seat material PTFE elastic deformation leak-free seal.
3, a multi-purpose valve : Any port can be used as an inlet without leakage, tees made ​​of L-shaped port can also be made of T -type port .
4, easy maintenance : After pressure relief system, without removing the entire body can be carried out inspection and maintenance.
5, the pan is suitable for water supply, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, textile, energy, paper, food, steel piping system for the media and for the media flow switching shunt or mixing fluids.

Body material : WCB, LCB, A105, CF8, CF3, CF 8M , CF 3M , C5, WC6..
Design Standards : GB / 12237-1989; API608
Length of the structure : GB / T12221-1989; ASME / ANSIB16.10
Flange standard : GB / T9113, JB / T79.1-1994; ASME / ANSIB16.5