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Supply epothilone A cas152044-53-6 manufacturers

Supply epothilone A cas152044-53-6 manufacturers
  • Supply epothilone A cas152044-53-6 manufacturers
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Epothilone A

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English name: Epothilone A
Product Name epothilone A
Chinese Synonyms: Ciron epothilone D; epothilone; Aibo neomycin
Molecular formula C26H39NO6S
Molecular weight 493.66
CAS NO. 152044-53-6
Appearance white or almost white crystalline powder
Content ≥98.0%
Quality standard enterprise standard
Packing 10g / bags; 20g / Bag
Storage conditions of minus 20 degrees Celsius, dark moisture airtight and dry
Product description compound isolated from bacterial cellulose heap balloon stick out.
Use of pharmaceutical raw materials, macrolide compound, epothilone A used as an anticancer, anti-tumor drugs.
Enterprise standard: 5 g foil bags

Epothilone A EpothiloneA
Product name: EpothiloneA
Technical Data:
M.Wt: 493.66
Formula: C26H39NO6S
Solubility: Unknown
Assay:) 99%
Storage: at-20 ℃ 2 years
CAS No .: 152044-53-6
Biological Activity of Epothilone A:
EpothiloneA is a new class of cytotoxic molecules identified as potential chemotherapeutic drugs. [1] Early studies in cancer cell lines and in human cancer patients indicate superior efficacy to the taxanes. Their mechanism of action is similar, but their chemical structure is simpler. Due to their better water solubility, cremophors (solubilizing agents used for paclitaxel which can affect cardiac function and cause severe hypersensitivity) are not needed.