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Supply of 5-amino salicylic acid cas 89-57-6 manufacturer

Supply of 5-amino salicylic acid cas 89-57-6 manufacturer
  • Supply of 5-amino salicylic acid cas 89-57-6 manufacturer
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5-amino salicylic acid

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Product Name: 5-amino salicylic acid
English name: 5-Aminosalicylic acid
Synonyms: 2-Hydroxy-5-aminosalicylic acid 3-carboxy-4-hydroxy-5-amino-2-hydroxybenzoic acid aniline 5-amino-indazole
CAS: 89-57-6
Formula: C7H7NO3
Molecular Weight: 153.14
Packing: 25kg cardboard drum
Properties: The product is Appearance white or light gray or light purple powder melting point of about 235 ℃ 280 ℃ decomposition slightly soluble in water, ethanol, soluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid.
The main purposes: dye intermediates 5-amino salicylic acid is an important chemical raw material medicine and dye, is a main raw material for chronic colitis pyridine sulfonamide drugs Liu ammonia treatment, which itself has a similar therapeutic effect of 5-amino. Because of salicylic acid having a hydroxyl group and a carboxyl group of the three lively reactive groups on the ring, can be a variety of reactions, so the dye industry, it can be used to manufacture a variety of high-quality reactive dye is also used in the manufacture of light-sensitive paper .

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