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Supply L- ornithine hydrochloride

Supply L- ornithine hydrochloride
  • Supply L- ornithine hydrochloride
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L- Ornithine hydrochloride

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English name: L-Ornithine Hydrochloride
CAS No .: 3184-13-2
Formula: C5H12N2O2`HCl
Molecular Weight: 168.62
Shape: white crystal or crystalline powder, smell, soluble in water.
Production standards: AJI92
Key performance indicators:
Optical rotation of + 23.0 ~ + 25.0 °
Heavy Metal ≤10ppm
Moisture content of ≤0.20%
Residue on ignition ≤0.10%
Content of 99.0 to 101.0%
PH5.0 ~ 6.0
The main purpose:
Ornithine (Ornithine), is an amino acid; is arginine metabolism (arginine) produces urea (constituting urine) generated when a recommendation in animal experiments, ornithine (Ornithine) and arginine. acid (arginine) can work together to increase anabolic (promoting growth) hormone; such as insulin and growth hormones to promote the vitality of the body to build muscle though not a reasonable dose to achieve their requirements in human studies; but in another experiment mentioned in a lot of oral ornithine (Ornithine) (average 13 g / day) can increase growth hormone, but found the side effects of their intestines and stomach.
Man in hospital after surgery found in a controlled study; those who have no significant features of infection; cancer; trauma and burns; supplemented ornithine (Ornithine) were later found to have some beneficial effects in a double-blind experiment. evaluation of their effectiveness - supplement ornithine (Ornithine) will make it acute frail elderly people are taking these back to normal 10 grams of ornithine (Ornithine) per day, two months after the loss of appetite, weight, healthy body. It will be significantly increased.
Ornithine (Ornithine) for those liver disease; encephalopathy (brain abnormalities) patients due to the hardening of the liver helps a lot.

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