Supply cas137-08-6 | Vitamin B5 | Manufacturers

Supply cas137-08-6 | Vitamin B5 | Manufacturers

Product description:

Vitamin B5

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CAS 137-08-6

Quality standards usp26

Appearance white powder, odorless, with a bitter taste. There are slight moisture absorption

Content 99 (%)

Specifications Pharmaceutical Grade Feed Grade

Product description: Vitamin B5, also known as D- calcium pantothenate and D-calcium pantothenate, pantothenic acid calcium salt of D-isomer of one of the B vitamins, vitamin D-body only active white powder, melting point 170-172 ℃,. decomposition temperature of 195-196 ℃. more stable in air and sunlight. acid and alkali labile, PH value of 5.0-7.0 most stable. 1g dissolved in about 3ML water soluble, insoluble in ethanol has the body lacks calcium pantothenate symptoms: (1) growth arrest, weight loss, sudden death (2) skin and hair disorders; (3) neurological disorders; (4) digestive disorders, liver dysfunction; (5) Effect of antibody formation; (6). adrenal disorders Every person needs about 5mg (in pantothenic acid basis). Properties and Uses Vitamin B5 involved in the synthesis of adrenal hormones, and to assist absorption of other vitamins to help fat, protein and carbohydrate energy conversion of Vitamin B5 can Enhanced strength, prevent anemia, and maintain normal function of the digestive tract, can eliminate stress, anxiety, depression treatment.