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Cinnamate | spices | South Arrow 103-36-6

Cinnamate | spices | South Arrow 103-36-6
  • Cinnamate | spices | South Arrow 103-36-6
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Chinese Alias: 3-phenyl-2-propenoate; phenyl acrylate; cinnamic acid ethyl ester; Gui ethyl; cinnamate; β- phenyl ethyl acrylate; phenyl acrylate; 3 - phenyl acrylate
English name: Ethyl cinnamate
CAS: 103-36-6
Molecular formula: C11H12O2
Molecular Weight: 176.21
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid.
Content: ≥99%
The relative density (d435): 1.049
Melting point: 6-8 ° C
Refractive index (nD20): 1.558
Scent: persistent pale cinnamon and strawberry aromas and sweet honey scent.
Physical properties: soluble in ethanol, ether and most of the non-volatile oil, almost insoluble in glycerin and water, slightly soluble in propylene glycol.
Tips: This product complies with GB-28349-2012 standard
Customs Code (HS): 2916399090, rebate of 9%

The main purpose
1, ethyl cinnamon can be added to cigarette tobacco, and is used as a flavoring agent and fragrance compensating agent. Monomer boiling point above 270 ℃, flavored tobacco after the retention rate, after pumping the mainstream particulate transfer rate and filter cutoff rate can be significantly improved, and more stable, it is very good cigarette flavoring agents.
2, the materials found in natural storax having like fruit aromas, with fragrant purple bacteria and natural oils combined with better fruit, such as for face powder, perfume, flavor better. Widely used as rose, orange, Daffodils, dragon birthday incense, amber incense, chypre and other flavors, but also can be used as soap spices, in soap, powder flavor to coordinate other cream incense, and incense role.
3, GB 2760-96 provides for the temporary use of food spices. Can be used as food flavors, can be deployed daily flavor, food flavor, etc., for almonds, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, berries, mixed sweet drinks, sweet deployment cream flavor flavor, spicy type, grapes and cherries, etc. can also be used in edible Bayberry flavor, smell clean and sweet oriental fragrance. In addition, due to high boiling point and stability, but also should be used for baking food.
4, in order to tune into ethyl cinnamate as raw honey, with skin care beauty, enhance immunity miraculous; also inhibit the formation of black tyrosinase effect, isolated certain ultraviolet rays, sunscreen is essential senior one of the ingredients; cinnamic acid ethyl ester as the raw material, through chemical reactions related synthetic anticancer drug paclitaxel or docetaxel for the treatment of ovarian cancer and breast cancer have a significant effect.

Practical application
Currently in the international market, Gui Ethyl has been the Spanish RNESTO VENTOS. S. A company for the production of a variety of natural flavors and synthetic flavors, Brazil LUANDY DO BRASIL cinnamate company will also be applied to the manufacture of perfume perfume which, while in the domestic market are also a large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers for the production of the treatment of chronic kidney disease cinacalcet hydrochloride raw materials.

Preparation Process
1, benzaldehyde and ethyl acetate in the presence of sodium metal compounds derived.
2, the lauric acid, ethanol, sulfuric acid heated to 100 ℃ obtained in the presence of aluminum sulfate.