Send 16G USB | D-Link D-Link DI-7001 | multi-WAN port enterprise-class online behavior management router

Send 16G USB | D-Link D-Link DI-7001 | multi-WAN port enterprise-class online behavior management router

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: D-Link / D-Link DI-7001
  • Brand: D-Link / Link
  • D-Link Model: DI-7001
  • Color Category: dark gray BUCEROS / character
  • Are Wireless: Wired
  • Wired router speed: 100Mbps
  • Wired transfer rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transfer rate: None
  • Networking standards: 802.11b
  • Wireless network support frequency: Not supported
  • Audience: Internet cafes dedicated Broadband Router enterprise-class router broadband router
  • Whether to support VPN: Support
  • Are built-in firewall: Yes
  • Support WDS: not supported
  • Whether to support WPS: does not support
  • Are Detachable: None
  • Service: Genius
  • Condition: New

DI-7001Enterprise managed routing, Friends of telecommunications networks is designed for small and medium enterprises effort to build the whole industrial design, double-circuit design, using high-performance multi NP Network processor, it is possible to provide comprehensive Internet behavior management system, the leader in intelligent traffic control and security at the same time, stable support 1to 4Mbps WAN interface and 4to 1Mbps LAN interface.

DI-7001provide 1-4Outside line access, support 8000A line number, with strong behavior management and extensive security features, support for management and control web pages, video, chat software, support the anti-internal and external network attacks, Integrated Defense ARP Virus, Anti DOS Attacks and other functions, he applies 50station PC Medium and large scale within the network, to provide users with cost-effective network solution.

Regulate online behavior high employee productivity

1, Based on management IP address groups and time groups, which can effectively reduce access gratified management loss on router performance, not because of some staff behavior control, affect other employees of Internet experience, in accordance with company policies for behavioral control at the same time to ensure smooth and stable network.

2, At work through the Internet behavior management, privilege level for different management strategies for employees in different departments. Even without a professional network to be reduced to eliminate the office 'Internet' or 'game room', from the internal tap, a substantial increase employee productivity.

3, You can monitor all user's browser URL history, but also to prohibit access to the most popular websites in 10 categories, including: entertainment, news, chat with friends, online games, e-shopping, forums, blog, securities funds, e-mail and the Internet Bank support URL classification library automatically upgraded, with the black and white list settings and jump pages, URLs can be realized on a variety of complex management needs.

4, You can prohibit employees posting in online forums, prohibited browsing mailbox, protect the internal information from being leaked, URL keyword filtering and file name suffix, prevent users from downloading dangerous content, reduce viral sources.

5, Easily control QQ / MSN / Fetion / SKYPE and other chat tools, and support for multiple business QQ number of normal use, so can guarantee the normal conduct of business, but also to prevent employees from using private QQ chat.

6, Effectively now BT / Thunder / PPLIVE / eDonkey and other P2P software, blocking many major software stocks, only to ensure the normal operation there is enough bandwidth, but also allows employees to concentrate on work, work hours without distraction.

A reasonable allocation of bandwidth, network card does not dropped

1, Intelligent flow control, by identifying the depth of a variety of applications, classified management, classification treatment, and always let go key business priority channel, and the remaining traffic to make way for them to ensure that critical applications such as: video conferencing, OA system, never card, at the same time but also to allocate the remaining loans to other users or applications (such as file downloads, online video), the bandwidth to achieve rationalization, to maximize utilization.

2, For different applications to set different bandwidth, number of connections and data priority, to ensure that your core business has been strong protection, improve bandwidth utilization, and truly make the best use.

A plurality of bandwidth access, improve speed and save money

1, Up to four can simultaneously access an outside line (ADSL, optical fiber, LAN, etc.). Line bundles enhance the bandwidth, cost savings and reduce the risk of 'Single Line Fault' is.

2, Built-Telecom, China Unicom and education network the latest new library policy, to ensure that different data carriers prevails, make the network more open.

3, Unique multi-line load balancing technology automatically allocated according to the proportion of the line bandwidth and bandwidth usage data stream to improve the wireless bandwidth utilization, allowing you to experience the advantages of multi-line.

4, Each line can be independently set 3322 / per step / peanut shells and other dynamic domain name, even if there is no fixed public IP, can also provide all-weather service website.

VPN gateways, data transmission more secure

1, DI-7100 supports standard PPTP VPN and IPSEC VPN, VPN support hardware encryption technology to support point-to-network and network to network access, improve the security of the encrypted tunnel option. By simply configured, you can build a secure VPN connection, meet cross-regional enterprise for data transfer convenience, security and cost requirements.

2, DI-7100 with leading VPN equipment can be interconnected with good compatibility, high security, to meet the headquarters and branch offices, employees and other travel requirements for secure communications between.


Anti-virus attacks, worry and effort NM

1, Powerful firewall, offers a variety of security, leading ARP ARP trust mechanism and network defense capabilities combine to prevent ARP viruses, prevent dropped calls within the network, support for internal / external attack defense against viruses, Trojans and hacker intrusion.

2, Provides an intuitive network usage reports detailing the use of display details of IP, the flow conditions for each line, locating network problems are easy, even without a professional network, your network can easily manage.

Full Chinese WEB management

1, Full Chinese WEB configuration, easy to use and easy management, and support for multi-level user management, high-speed network traffic capture and analysis technology, we are ready to give you an intuitive network status reports. You can accumulate statistics for each IP traffic in real-time, real-time speed key indicators, network connections, a comprehensive analysis of each IP network connection details, easily help you easily control the allocation of network resources, locating network problems are easy.

2, Syslog protocol support, system logs can be sent over the network to a designated server through the network to find and log management, real-time monitoring system status as well as internal and external traffic, and then for the corresponding configuration, to ensure system and network operating normally.

3, Configuration file backup and import it. You can save the configuration file with a computer, you need to reset the router directly into the configuration file, greatly shorten the configuration time.

DI-7001Hardware Specification


High-performance network processor



Flash Memory


WAN interface (WAN)

1/2/3/4A 10M / 100M Adaptive RJ45mouth

LAN interface (LAN)

1/2/3/4A 10M / 100M Adaptive RJ45mouth



Typically with a machine capacity

50Within Taiwan


182 * 130 * 27mm (7inch)


DC 12V / 1A

Maximum power consumption



Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃; Storage temperature: -40℃ to70

Working humidity: 10%To 90% RH Non-condensing; storage humidity: 5%To 90% RH Non-condensing

DI-7100 Software features

OS system

64Bit embedded operating system

Supports standard

IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u , IEEE 802.3z , IEEE 802.3x,

Network protocol

IP service

ARP , DNS , DHCP (Client / Server)

IP routing

Static routing management, dynamic routing protocols (RIP-1 / RIP-2), PBR

Internet application



LAN protocol

Ethernet_II , Ethernet_SNAP , VLAN

Link layer protocol

PPP , PPPoE (Client / Server)

Run mode

NAT mode

Route mode

Bridge Mode

Internet behavior management

Behavior management

It may be based on IP Groups and time groups, based on the application Fine online behavior of the management client.

Web site classification management

Ten categories of common Web site classification management (supports online update classification library), the URL black list settings

URL access to records, unauthorized access warnings, custom blocking page, go to the specified domain / IP

Do Not Pass IP Visit a web page, you can set IP Whitelist (exception URLs IP)

WEB Safety

Web posting prohibited, forbidden network landing-mail, URL Keyword filtering, file extension filter

Chat software filter

QQ / TM , WEBQQ Mail QQ Filtering, support for exception QQ Number meticulous management

MSN , Fetion, SKYPE Ali Want

P2P Filtering software

Thunder, BT , EDonkey, FlashGet , HTTP Multi-threaded download, STORM, PPLIVE , PPSTREAM

QQLIVE , Popular, Pippi, Thunder look, UUSee , Nora (Qvod ) , KUGOO , KUWO

Stock software filter

Great wisdom, Qian, flush, securities star, compass, etc.

Game filter

QQ Games, Lianzhong world, Hao Fang, Fantasy Westward Journey, World of Warcraft, Kart, Audition

Demon, Zhu Xian, journey, happy, QQ Farm, Perfect World

Electronic bulletin

Support for custom jump interface, connection, announcement, and set the time and notice period

Proxy filtering

Filterable HTTP proxy, SOCKS4proxy, SOCKS5Proxy filtering

Intelligent traffic control

flow control

based on IP , IP Flow control segment

Based on the network interface flow control

Flow control of the upper and lower rows

Intelligent flow control

Application priority

Traffic Statistics

Each IP Real-time traffic

Each IP The cumulative flow

Global Traffic Statistics

Each IP Network Connections

Global connections rate statistics

cyber security


Supports popular ACL Rule number one key to add

Interface-based access control list

based on IP And network access control lists

based on IP Access Control List address group

Port-based access control list

based on MAC Access control list

Time-based access control list group

ARP defense

IP / MAC A key binding

ARP Attack Protection

APR Trust Mechanism

Intrusion Detection

stand by

Virus Defense

stand by

Alarm system

Inner and outer screens attack alarms, alarm log

Attack Protection

Connection limit, MAC filter

prevent WAN Mouth Ping Prevent short packets, fragmented packets to prevent,

DDoS Attack defense, SYN / UDP / ICMP flooding Attack Protection

Save log

Local store

Log Server

Load Balancing

Smart equalizer

Telecom China Unicom Strategies

Fast-off Detection

Timing smooth handover

Network Address Translation

Port Mapping





Custom route

Static Routing

Source address routing


Dynamic Domain Name , DynDNS , , easyDNS , DHS Wait

many WAN Port can be updated independently dynamic domain name

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

PPTP VPN The client, the server,

IPSec Network of networks

Port Management

Port-based mirroring down the line

Configuration Management

stand by WEB And remote management, all Chinese configuration interface

Full Chinese WEB management

Support automatically reboot.

Configuration file backup and load

Support online upgrade

Support Policy Library is automatically updated

Support system log

Provides a diagnostic tool (Ping , Tracert)