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D-Link DI-7001 multi-WAN port enterprise router dlink Internet behavior authentication gateway

D-Link DI-7001 multi-WAN port enterprise router dlink Internet behavior authentication gateway
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: D-Link / Friends DI-7001
  • Brand: D-Link / Friends News
  • D-Link Model: DI-7001
  • Package Type: Standard Package
  • Color classification: dark gray BUCEROS / character color
  • Whether wireless: wired
  • Cable router speed: 100Mbps
  • Wired transmission rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: none
  • Network standard: 802.11b
  • Wireless network support frequency: not supported
  • Applicable to: Internet cafes dedicated broadband router Enterprise router broadband router
  • USB interface number: not supported
  • Whether to support VPN: support
  • Whether built-in firewall: yes
  • Whether to support WDS: not supported
  • Whether to support WPS: not supported
  • Whether it is detachable: no
  • After - sales service: Genius
  • Condition: New
  • Packing volume: 182 * 130 * 27 mm

DI-7001 enterprise management route, is the Friends of the network for small and medium enterprises to build, the whole industrial design, dual circuit design, the use of high-performance multi-NP network dedicated processor, to provide a perfect online behavior management system, Leading intelligent flow control and security protection at the same time, stable support for 1 to 4 Fast WAN interface and 4 to 1 Fast LAN interface.

DI-7001 provides 1-4 outside access, support 8000 online number, with strong behavior management functions and rich security features, support web, video, chat software control, support against internal and external network attacks, integrated defense ARP virus , Anti-DOS attacks and other functions, he applies to 50 PC-scale large-scale network, to provide users with cost-effective network solutions.

Standardize the Internet behavior, staff work efficiency

1, Based on the IP address group and time group management, can effectively reduce the benefits of the management of the router on the loss of performance, not because some of the staff behavior control, affecting the experience of other employees online experience in accordance with the company system at the same time control , To ensure the stability of the network smooth.

2, In the working hours through the Internet behavior management functions for different departments of staff to develop different levels of authority management strategy.Even without a professional network management, but also can prevent the office into a 'Internet cafes' or 'game room', from the enterprise digging, a substantial increase Employee productivity.

3, Can monitor all users browsing the site records, but also to prohibit access to the popular 10 categories of Web sites, they include: entertainment, news, chat friends, online games, e-shopping, forum blog, securities funds, e-mail and online banking Support Web site classification library automatically upgrade, with black and white list and jump page settings, can achieve a variety of complex management needs of the site.

4, Can prohibit employees posting in the online forum, prohibit browsing web pages, protect the internal data is not disclosed, filter the URL of the keyword and file name suffix, to prevent users to download dangerous content, reduce the source of the virus.

5, Easy to control QQ / MSN / Fetion / SKYPE and other chat tools, and support multiple business QQ number normal use, so that both to ensure the normal business development, but also to prevent employees with private QQ chat.

6, Can effectively BT / Thunder / PPLIVE / eDonkey and other P2P software, block a variety of mainstream stocks software, can only ensure that the normal work has enough bandwidth, but also allow employees to focus on work, working hours do not distract.

Reasonable allocation of bandwidth, the network does not card can not drop line

1, Intelligent flow control, through the various types of applications, the depth of identification, classification management, grading, and always let the key business to take the priority channel, the remaining traffic to give way to ensure that key applications such as: video conferencing, OA system, etc. never card, But also to the remaining loans allocated to other users or applications (such as file downloads, online video), to achieve rationalization of bandwidth, the use of.

2, Set different bandwidth, number of connections and data priority for different applications, ensure that your core business is effectively protected, and the bandwidth utilization is improved.

Multiple bandwidth access, improve speed and money

1, (ADSL, fiber, LAN, etc.). Bundled lines increase bandwidth, save money and reduce the risk of 'single-line failure'.

2, Built-in telecommunications, new Unicom and education network strategy library, to ensure that different operators of the data their own way, so that the network more smooth.

3, Unique multi-line load balancing technology, according to the line bandwidth ratio and bandwidth utilization automatically allocate data flow, improve wireless bandwidth utilization, allowing you to experience the advantages of multi-line.

4, Each line can be set independently 3322 / per step / peanut shell and other dynamic domain name. Even if there is no fixed public IP, can also provide all-weather website services.

VPN gateway, data transmission more secure

1, The DI-7100 supports standard PPTP VPN and IPSEC VPN, supports VPN hardware encryption technology, supports point-to-network and network-to-network access and improves secure encryption tunneling scheme. With simple configuration, you can build a secure VPN connection, To meet the cross-regional enterprises for data transmission convenience, security and cost requirements.

2, The DI-7100 is also interoperable with mainstream VPN devices, with good compatibility and high security to meet secure communication requirements between headquarters and branch offices, and employees.


Anti-virus attacks, network management worry and effort

1, Powerful firewall, providing a variety of security protection, leading ARP trust mechanism and intranet ARP defense function combined to eliminate ARP virus intrusion, to prevent dropped calls within the network to support internal / external attack defense, to prevent viruses, Trojans and hackers.

2, Provide an intuitive use of the network report, a detailed display of the use of IP details, the flow of each line, the network problem is also easy to locate, even without a professional network management, your network can easily manage.

All Chinese WEB management

1, We can provide you with an intuitive network status report through high-speed network traffic collection and analysis technology.You can calculate the cumulative traffic of each IP in real time, real-time speed , The number of network connections and other key indicators, a comprehensive analysis of each IP network connection details, easy to help you easily control the distribution of network resources, network problems are also easy to locate.

2, Support Syslog protocol, the system log can be sent to the designated server through the network.Network management through the log management and search, real-time monitoring system status and internal and external traffic, and then the corresponding configuration to ensure that the system and network operation is normal.

3, Support configuration file backup and import.You can save the configuration file with a computer, need to reset the router, the direct import configuration file, greatly shorten the configuration time.

DI-7001Hardware specification


High performance network processor



Flash memory


Wide area network interfaceWAN)

1/2/3/4One 10M / 100M Adaptive RJ45mouth

LAN interfaceLAN)

1/2/3/4One 10M / 100M Adaptive RJ45mouth

Number of connections


Typical with machine



182 * 130 * 27mm (7inch)


DC12V / 1A

Power consumption


Use the environment

Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃; Storage temperature: -40℃ to 70

Working humidity: 10%To 90% RH Non-condensing; Storage humidity: 5%To 90% RH Not clotted

DI-7100Software features

OS system

64Bit embedded operating system

Support standard

IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u , IEEE 802.3z , IEEE 802.3x,

Network protocol

IP service

ARP , DNS , DHCP (Client / Server)

IP routing

Static route management, dynamic routing protocolRIP-1 / RIP-2), Policy routing

Internet application


Network interconnection

LAN protocol

Ethernet_II , Ethernet_SNAP , VLAN

Link layer protocol

PPP , PPPoE (Client / Server)

Running mode

NAT mode

Routing mode

Bridging mode

Internet behavior management

Behavior management

Can be based on IP Group and time group, based on application Sophisticated management of client Internet behavior.

URL classification management

Ten categories of common site classification management (support online update classification library), URL black and white list settings

URL access record, illegal access warning, custom blocking page, jump to the specified domain name / IP

Do Not Pass IP Visit the web page that can be set IP Whitelist IP)

WEB Safety

Prohibit the network post, prohibit the network landing mailbox, URL Keyword filtering, file suffix filtering

Chat software filtering

QQ / TM , WEBQQ Mail Qq Filter, support exception Qq Number fine management

MSN , Fetion, SKYPE , Ali Want

P2P Software filtering

Thunder, BT , EDonkey, FlashGet , HTTP Multi-threaded download, storm video, PPLIVE , PPSTREAM

QQLIVE , Popular, Pippi, Thunder look, UUSee BroadcastQvod ) , KUGOO , KUWO

Stock software filtering

Great wisdom, Qian Long, flush, securities stars, compass and so on

Game filtering

Qq Game, Lianzhong world, ho side, fantasy Journey to the West, World of Warcraft, KartRider, Audition

Demon, Zhu Xian, journey, happy network, Qq Farm, perfect world

Electronic bulletin

Support custom jump interface, connect, announce the contents, and can set the notification time and cycle

Proxy filtering

Can be filtered HTTP proxy, SOCKS4proxy, SOCKS5Proxy filtering

Intelligent flow control

flow control

based on IP , IP Section of the flow control

Based on network interface flow control

Points up and down the flow control

Intelligent flow control

Application priority

Traffic Statistics

Each one IP Real-time traffic

Each one IP Of the cumulative traffic

Global traffic statistics

Each one IP The number of network connections

Global connection rate statistics

cyber security


Support commonly used ACL Rule a key to add

Interface-based access control list

based on IP And the access control list of the network segment

based on IP Address group access control list

Port-based access control list

based on MAC Access control list

A list of access control based on time group

ARP defense

IP / MAC One key binding

ARP Attack defense

APR Trust mechanism

Intrusion Detection

stand by

Virus defense

stand by

Alarm mechanism

Internal and external network attack alarm, log alarm

Attack defense

Number of connections, MAC filter

prevent WAN The mouth of the mouth Ping , To prevent short packets, to prevent debris package,

DDoS Attack defense, SYN / UDP / ICMP flooding Attack defense

Log save

Local storage

Log server

Load balancing

Intelligent balance

Telecom Unicom strategy selection

Fast on-off detection

Regular smooth switching

Network address translation

Port Mapping


Many-to-one conversion

Many-to-many conversion


Custom routing

Static routing

Source address route

Application scheduling

Dynamic domain name

3322.org , DynDNS , Oray.cn , EasyDNS , DHS Wait

many WAN You can update the dynamic domain name independently

Virtual Private NetworkVPN)

PPTP VPN Client, server,

IPSec Network to network

Port management

Supports port mirroring based on upstream and downstream

Configuration management

stand by WEB And remote management, the entire Chinese configuration interface

Full Chinese WEB management

Supports timed auto reboot

Support configuration file backup and load

Support online upgrade

Support for automatic updates to the policy library

Support system logs

Provide diagnostic toolsPing , Tracert)