Cinnamic acids, hydrogenated | Cinnamic acids, hydrogenated | South arrows 501-52-0

Cinnamic acids, hydrogenated | Cinnamic acids, hydrogenated | South arrows 501-52-0

Product description:

-Phenylpropionic acid
Chinese alias: 3-phenyl-propionic acid, β-phenyl-propionic acid, propionic acid phenyl, benzyl acetate, cinnamic acid hydrogenation
English name: 3-Phenylpropionic acid
CAS: 501-52-0
Molecular weight: 150.17
Molecular formula: C9H10O2
Melting point: 45-49 ° c (lit.)
Boiling point: 280 ° c (lit.)
Flash point:) 230 ° f
Appearance: white crystalline powder.
Physical properties: 1.071 relative density. Soluble in hot water, alcohol, benzene, chloroform, ether, acetic acid, petroleum ether and carbon disulphide, soluble in cold water. With evaporation of water vapor.
Quality specification: enterprise standard
Content: 98%

Main uses
1, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates for more attention.
2, good solubility, sublimation properties at low temperatures directly determines the effects of its flavor, is also widely used in ice cream, beverages, candies, biscuits and so on need to highlight the aromas in food; Coordinate the overall flavor aroma products.
3, as a base material in the sweetener, flavouring, acid suppression, suppression, fishy, and anticorrosive, resistant to high temperatures and the effectiveness of, and acts as an antioxidant to prevent adverse reactions to food, food storage, modification and balanced food and can make food taste more natural and pure, stable and durable, used in food additives and flavors such as Tim.

Use limited-FEMA (mg/kg):
Drink 0.02~1.0; Cold 0.48~1.0; Candy 0.80~4.0; Baked 17.0; Gelatin, pudding, 1.2; Dairy 2.0; The top 1.0. FDA, § 172.515 (2000): limited amount.

Practical application
Beijing some foreign drug companies to provide technology chemical technology company, had using-phenylpropionic acid as intermediate using a new synthesis of rasagiline, high yield, low prices, in the overseas market. Rasagiline 1 ton of this method requires 3.5 tons of intermediate, serves to show the hydrogenation of cinnamic acid in Parkinson's disease market.
A pharmaceutical company in Chongqing-phenylpropionic acid has been developed to optimize the oral hypoglycemic drug glibenclamide, new upcoming, type II diabetes drug market caused great shock.

The preparation process
Cinnamic acid as raw material, can be operated by either of the following methods to get 3-phenylpropionate.
(1) cinnamic acid and 80-90 c mixed in a solution of sodium hydroxide sodium salts, to the solution after adding the Raney nickel, slowly dripping with hydrazine. Cool to 20 c, Add hydrochloric acid to pH=1, that is, precipitation 3-phenylpropionate.
(2) while stirring, 2.5% sodium amalgam of slowly adding acid with sodium hydroxide solution in a mixture of cinnamic acid produces a new hydrogen reduction of acid. Hydrochloric acid to the reaction mixture, styrene-acrylic acid yields a grease separation and fast-curing, recrystallized in hot water, to obtain the finished product.