Shenzhen, Dongguan, China exported to Osaka KIX air flight services in Hong Kong

Shenzhen, Dongguan, China exported to Osaka KIX air flight services in Hong Kong

Product description:

Shenzhen, Dongguan exports to Osaka KIX air flight services in Hong Kong

Shenzhen to Osaka air express price cost of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Hong Kong to Osaka KIX air express price cost.
Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the major cities of Japan Air Line

International air port of origin: Shanghai Pudong Airport PVG; Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport HGH, Ningbo Airport NGB; Nanjing airport NKG, KMG Kunming airport

International Port Air Transport Objective: Japan Tokyo NRT, Osaka OSA, Nagoya NGO, Okinawa OKA, Fukuoka FUK, Okayama OKJ, Hiroshima HIJ, Niigata KIJ, Chitose CTS, Komatsu KMQ, Matsuyama MYJ, Shizuoka QSZ, Nagasaki NGS, deer children island KOJ, Fukuyama TOY.

Airline: Eastern Airlines MU, Cargo CK, China International Aviation CA, ANA NH, Japan Airlines JL, Japanese goods Air KZ, the Federal FX, United Parcel Service UPS

Advantages Available: 1. Japan's main three airports in Tokyo NRT, Osaka OSA, Nagoya NGO MU / CK / CA / NH / UPS / FX package volume prices are available the same day clearance direct cargo flights, which can be accessed large. bulk cargo.

2. FX Japan Tokyo freighter flights every day except Sunday non-stop, bulk price distinctions. UPS classes 6 days a week non-stop to Tokyo, Osaka non-stop week of May classes, bulk price distinctions.

3. MU / CA / JL, aircraft direct flights Okinawa OKA, Fukuoka FUK, Okayama OKJ and other side of Hong Kong. Aircraft flight stability, bulk priority tray, please call consultation.

4. NH8432 head drive 6 days a week classes, transit Okinawa Naha Airport, direct flights to Japan each point throughout the cargo transport large cargo transport security, timeliness and price better than other direct flights.

Hong Kong Flight agents are: Jeju, Korea Air 7c, Wednesday / five / day flight / Seoul transit ICN / 2 days and; Malaysia AirAsia AK, every day flight / KUALA LUMPUR transit / 2 days to; Philippine Airlines PR, Monday / III / IV / five / day flight / Manila MNL to transfer two days to; Nippon Airways NH, daily flights / direct one day to; using B767F freighters flying, load 120 tons, can be accessed by a large cargo.
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