Disposable latex gloves

Disposable latex gloves

Product description:

Function Benefits

1. soft, comfortable non-slip, flexible operation of natural latex, flexible, and easy to wear.
2. Wear comfortable, non-oxidizing agent and silicone oil, grease and salinization thereof.
3. Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, unbreakable.
The excellent chemical resistance, resistance to certain pH, partial resistance to organic solvents, such as acetone

Uses: This product is used for medical examination and diagnosis and treatment process to prevent cross-infection and treatment between the patient and the user CHP contaminated medical materials and the like by the time the leaves can be used simultaneously as a family, industrial, medical, cosmetic and other industries, is. Hand necessary protective equipment suitable for use protection when a physician checks, laboratory, pharmacy, laboratory and other operations wear. home care, food processing, factories, scientific research takes a long time to wear for the occasion. also suitable for use of staff engaged in the production of machinery, repairs and the like.

Instruction manual

1, right-hand man, regardless of the product, please select the appropriate size of my hand-type gloves;

2, wear gloves, can not wear rings or other jewelry, pay attention to nails;

3, the product limit for single use; please use the product after medical waste treatment, to prevent bacteria to environmental pollution.


Quality Standard

• Meets ASTM D3578 (05) and EN455 (00) Standard

• In the QSR (GMP) and IS09001: 2008 quality management system run

• Use after FDA review of USP grade corn starch

• CE approved

Gloves Model

• XS; X; M; L; XL

• Use black ink marked on the outside of the box to be shipped

Technical Specifications

Type Powdered / powder-free, non-sterile

High-quality natural latex material material

Structural features ambidextrous, smooth or textured surfaces, cuffs curling, natural white

Corn starch powder used in the United States approved

Storage conditions when stored at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees and dry, gloves holding properties

Moisture content of less than 0.8% moisture content per glove

Shelf life of 5 years from the production date Shelf life

Physical Dimensions

Length (mm) 240 Minimum

Width (mm)
• XS 76 ± 3
• S 84 ± 3
• M 94 ± 3
• L 105 ± 3
• XL113 ± 3

Thickness - single (mm)
• Finger 0.12 ± 0.03
• palm 0.11 ± 0.03

Physical performance in line with ASTM D3578 (05)

Elongation (%)
• Minimum 650 before aging
• After aging the minimum 500

Tensile strength (MPa)
• Minimum 18.0 before aging
• The minimum age 14.0

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