Chloral hydrate

Chloral hydrate

Product description:

Chloral hydrate

English name : Chloral hydrate

Alias ​​: chloral hydrate; chloral hydrate; 2; 2; 2 - trichloro -1; 1- glycol; TCA

CAS: 302-17-0

Molecular formula: C 2H3 Cl3O2

Molecular Weight: 165.40

EINECS: 206-117-5

Content : ≥99%

Properties: colorless monoclinic lamellae.

Packing : 25Kg / barrel


1, in medicine : chloral hydrate can be hypnotic and anticonvulsant drugs for insomnia, irritability and convulsions ;

2, in the industry : for the half-light of nickel brightener, improve strength and ductility of the metal distribution so that doubled plating bright, uniform adjustment potentiometer half light and bright nickel difference between; .

3, in agriculture : for the production of a variety of pesticides trichlorfon, herbicides and other intermediates .