Cinnamic aldehyde

Cinnamic aldehyde

Product description:

Cinnamic aldehyde

English name: Cinnamic aldehyde

Alias: cinnamic aldehyde; cinnamic aldehyde; β- benzene acrolein; 3-phenyl-2-propenal

CAS: 104-55-2

Formula: C9H8O

Molecular Weight: 132.16

EINECS: 203-213-9

FEMA: 2286

Content: ≥98%

Characters: pale yellow viscous liquid with a special cinnamon flavor, soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform and grease, dissolved in propylene glycol, insoluble in water and glycerin in the air easily oxidized into acid, can be volatile with water vapor. .

Packing: 210KG / barrel


First, the medicine:

1, sterilization antiseptic, especially for fungi have a significant effect;

2, anti-ulcer, strengthen the stomach, bowel movement;

3, lipolysis can be used for blood sugar control drugs, to strengthen the performance of glucose insulin replacement, prevention and treatment of diabetes;

4, antiviral activity against influenza virus, SV10 virus-induced inhibition of tumor powerful;

5, anti-cancer effect, inhibit tumorigenesis, and having anti-mutagenic and anti-radiation effect

6, dilation of blood vessels and blood pressure effect on the adrenal cortex hypertension antihypertensive effect

7, commonly used in external use, synthetic drugs in. Liquid used in massage, beauty products play a scattered congestion, promote blood circulation, 8, skin back to temperature, tight skin, massage can be used outside the limbs, body relaxed, improve water retention.

In short, cinnamic aldehyde itself can be used as raw material medicine not only add to the variety of medication, finished drugs, but are also able to further process the synthesis of many powerful drug efficacy.

Second, the chemical industry:

1, for the synthesis of α- bromo cinnamic aldehyde, cinnamic acid, cinnamic alcohol, cinnamic nitrile and other products;

2, in the industry, can also be made chromogenic agent, laboratory reagents;

3, directly on pesticides, insect repellent, refrigerator deodorant, preservation agent aspects;

4, to increase oil production and improve oil quality and reduce the cost of mining;

5, has a strong sterilization function, can be widely used for corrosion mildew preservation, and can strengthen the brain, helps to enhance human memory;

6, the main semi-bright acid tin brightener.

Third, spices regard;

1, a preservative .GB 2760 96 provides for the use of food flavors mainly used for the preparation of cinnamon, cinnamon, cola flavor, and for liquor and tobacco shall also be used as fresh fruit, the amount of GMP;.. Residues ≤0.3 mg / kg;

2, for the preparation of soap flavor.