Cinnamic acid

Cinnamic acid

Product description:

Cinnamic acid

English name : trans-cinnamic acid

Alias: phenyl acid; cinnamic acid; lauric acid

CAS: 140-10-3

Molecular formula : C9H8O2

Molecular Weight: 148.16

EINECS: 205-398-1

Content : ≥99%

Properties: White monoclinic crystal, a slight cinnamon odor, soluble in ethanol, methanol, petroleum ether, chloroform, soluble in benzene, ether, acetone, acetic acid, carbon disulfide and oil, insoluble in water.

Packing: 25kg / Bag

Role : used in various aspects of organic chemicals, electroplating, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food preservation, flavors and fragrances and cosmetics .