Retractable awnings, awning factory, manual sunshades, sunshades agent

Retractable awnings, awning factory, manual sunshades, sunshades agent

Product description:

Retractable awnings: manual retractable awnings awning canopy electric sunshades; outdoor awnings two models; full aluminum alloy with special waterproof fabric structures can be gradually opened, together with.... , Professional factories manufacturing, priced supply, the product is easy to install and easy to use, easy to transport packaging, size can be customized. Energy-saving products.

. Awning Accessories: Retractable awning canopy awning manual electric sunshades; tents material; tent fabric dedicated accessories...

Awning motor: electric retractable awnings; electric sunroofs; built-in import motor CPU Chip processing , Intelligent control of electrical engineering program example can also be gradually : Open; in combination; stealth installation , Dust and rain . durable , You can also add an additional remote control function . Bing showed respect to you , In people-oriented concept . Energy-saving products.

Art Deco canopy: Art canopies, canopy Continental, French Art canopy tent canopy, decorated canopy, classic art style, romantic feeling beautiful villa decorated bar or share.

Atrium canopy : Patio canopy, canopy, aluminum alloy with special waterproof fabric structures for patios and balconies, sun canopy can gradually opening and closing use, there are two kinds of manual and electric models of energy-saving products.

Guangzhou professional manufacturing and processing:
Folding tent, European tents, awnings, large tents, sliding tent, trade show dedicated product! Guangzhou tents, exhibition supplies, folding tents, tent rental, specializing in the production exhibition supporting supplies, advertising tents, manual and electric awnings ten years professional factory, quality assurance, tents, direct overseas, including canopy awnings, retractable awnings, tensioned membrane canopy, sliding tents, tents tents, exhibitions, stage truss, steel works
Etc., are also welcome to tent pattern custom, we will quickly complete the delivery. National Direct, the agency issued the loan.
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